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  1. professor

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    "He is the one"

    No other candidate for the position of false messiah (antichrist) needs to be looked at.

    I was giving Zero 98% that he is it, until 2 days ago, when I saw old writings of Islamics about the description of their messiah (the Mahadi).
    He will have a mole on his cheek.
    He will be taller than the other Arabs. (Yes, I know he is not an Arab, but he IS a Moslem, NO other president has bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, has left his wife behind on the visit (required Islamic behavior) - see this video-
    Note the mole on his cheek.

    Have you ever considered WHY we know nearly nothing about this man? Why ALL his records are sealed? Who paid for his ivy league college?
    Why his long form birth certificate is unavailable and he spend over 1.7 million dollars depriving us of seeing it?

    Or, consider the incredible fact that a junior senator who did nothing, never ran even an ice cream stand, frequently voted "Present" at Senate meetings, with all important information about his past blocked got to be president? Something unusual went on here.

    There are parallels to Zero and Jesus so far.

    Everyone thought Jesus was the son of Joseph. He wasn't.

    Everyone thinks Zero is the son of the African with the same name. He isn't.

    Just as Jesus was the son of God, zero is the son of an un-godly man.

    I went to copy a video from youtube, that is a visual display of Zero and Malcolm X, done by a black guy who repeatedly stated how he loves X, showing the remarkable similarity of the two, including pics of the daughter of x and daughter of O. It was pulled off (not surprising).

    Here is a link showing a morph pic and story- http://israelinsider.ning.com/profiles/blogs/is-obama-the-secret-son-of

    Here is a link to a site showing pics of X,O and O sr.

    At one point in Jesus' life, He became filled with the Holy Spirit and began his ministry.
    at some point in the the life of the false messiah, he will receive a mortal head wound, from which he will ,by a miracle, recover. Then, he will be filled with an evil spirit (possessed) and begin his evil ministry. In a mimic of Jesus ressurection.

    Are there any parallels between Hitler and Zero?
    Both came from broken homes.
    Both anti-semites.
    Both narcissts ( which is considered a mental abberation)http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/09/is_obama_a_narcissist.html
    Both wrote autobiographies when they were completely unknown.

    Zero was given a grant to write on race relations.
    It came out "dreams of my father".
    He knows who his father is.
    Malcolm X stated, before he was murdered by fellow Muslims, that the whites were to be overthrown -NOT by guns but from within. How much more within can you get than pres.?

    Satan is a usurper, this means he attempts to attain what he is not entitled to.
    Satan said; I will ascend OVER the Most High .

    Zero is a usurper, not legally qualified to be pres.

    The false messiah will be a usurper for the office of Christ.

    Do you see a trinity here? Satan,Zero and false messiah.

    Just as Oprah Winfrey and her "New Age" friends also claim to be "god" right now, the false christ will make that same claim, only he will demand to be worshipped.

    At the "Trial" of Jesus, the ones who cried out, "Give us Barabas" were the jewish people, when given a choice of one prisoner to be freed.
    With the election of Zero, it was the churches, and the ones calling themselves "Christians" who put Zero in office.

    None of this is taking God by surprise.

    What amazes me is the incredible precision of events now taking place.
    We do not get the whole picture, we get signs and awareness usually.
    I have relayed a small bit of what is going on.

  2. GearNut

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    You have found all the same interesting clues that I have found.
    I chose to not seek out clues as the Bible states that we will not be able to know the exact time that the Lord will return. The interesting part, to me at least, is I have not looked for any clues, I stumbled upon them quite by accident.
    I am curious as to what you are leading to though with your statement "small bit of what is going on".
  3. professor

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    Hi Gearnut, I mean, the amount of information is really piling up.
    I frequent a website called fivedoves.com, where 6 days a week, people write in (under the "Letters" section). The site is Rapture based. There are some goofy things posted, but also some very good stuff pertaining to the time we are in.

    The one feast that is called alternatively, "The day no man knows" is Rosh hashana falling on 9/11 this year (the Jewish new year). It is based on the sighting of the new moon, so could be one of 2 days. Other than that (day and hour), I lean toward knowing the general time.
    Very interesting to me, that you arrived in your current understanding without effort.

    It appears that Zero fulfilled the prophecy of Daniel and the confirming of a covenant when he re-stated his platform for a 1/2 hour on national TV, on my birthday in '08.

    Remember Daniel described how the "Little horn" would;
    Take the kingdom by flattery ( by deciet).
    Seek to CHANGE the times and laws (what was his big slogan? Change!)

    Another parallel I thought of is: Jesus left the place of His birth and went westward to Egypt for a time, then returned to His birth area for the beginning of His ministry.

    Zero (born in Africa) traveled west to the U.S. He is due to go back to his birth area on the way to becoming world leader.

    Remember that Zero is not empowered by satan as of yet, influenced for sure, but not empowered.
  4. kerf

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    Before anyone gets too far afield about what Obama could be, I ask you to consider the two things we KNOW about him.

    #1. He is the lawfully elected President of the United States.

    #2. Barack Hussein Obama is a Revolutionary Marxist.

    Maybe he is some Antichrist, I don't know but I know that #2 is absolutely accurate and that is enough to raise the hair on the back of my neck. The man pledged to "Fundamentally transform America" and that is exactly what he and his comrades in Congress are doing. Before we get too wrapped up in conspiracy theories, I ask you to focus on what we KNOW FOR A FACT IS A THREAT TO THE REPUBLIC!

    Please forgive my rant but what I already know is enough for one lifetime.
  5. professor

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    Well Kerf, the word "Conspiracy" actually means to "Breathe the same air".

    It is no secret the elete have been promoting a New World Order for a long time and they are quite open about it.
    Let's see, there is the Bilderburger group, the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, and the UN. All have that same goal.
    The United States constitutuon has stood on the way of their goal since it was written. Thus, we now an entire majority of Congress as helpful idiots to them along with a "president".

    Have you ever noticed how often politicians and the media refer to this country as a democracy rather than as a Republic?

    In order to have a new world order you need a single leader. This is where Zero comes in. The EU actually had (I believe it was a stamp) of a new Tower of Babel showing their intent. The destruction of the origional tower was to delay what is going on NOW. A unified one- world govt.
    Meet Zero, the new Nimrod to be.

    I am posting this because, when the evil plan begins to come to pass, at least some people will have information to resist the deception and not participate in the doom of the new Nimrod.
  6. kerf

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    All the more reason to remain tightly focused on the job at hand, to return our Nation to its original state. A Constitutional Republic, with a Federal Government of limited and enumerated powers, fiscal sanity, personal responsibility and morality. Ever how long it takes, we must continue to fire Congress until we have one that will pass term limits, we must put an end to the "professional ruler class", that has engulfed Washington like the plague. At one time we had the "citizen legislator", that entered office as a service to their nation but intended to return to the private sector in just a few years. When we continue to re-elect Congressmen and Senators for 30 or 50 years, they will always become corrupt with power, it's just human nature. Term limits will also break the political strangle hold the Democrat and Republican Parties have over our political system.

    As one of my mentors just said, "It's not about right and left anymore but about right and wrong." It is unbelievable the way every day Americans are waking up and seeking the truth in spite that the media is the enabler of this corruption. They actively promote propaganda but are only succeeding in losing market share. Seems like the true story is getting out in spite of their complicity in this evil power grab.
  7. eastwoodo4

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    the title of this thread threw me off and thats why i havent responded to it.i hate oprah.

    the american people deserve whats coming to them.the guy wouldnt wear that american flag pin,yet they voted himn in anyways!
    i see what your seeing professor.

    i feel sorry for people like you and me who do see it,because were the minority and were being led by a dumb majority.

    sorry kerf your firing congress is NOT an option!to think it is,is foolishness!
  8. kerf

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    Maybe but there is lots of anger out there. Only time will tell.
  9. eastwoodo4

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    like you said,only time will tell.

    i dont know if its the diversity of the people coming in to this country or the tv brain washing or what but people dont care about what this country was or stood for.

    they have away to fix OUR problems!lol what a load of:poop:
  10. retromike3

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    the diversity of the people coming in here do not bother me one bit. Usually they had to go though quite a bit to get here and if they become legal citizens of the United States then they had to take a test and swear an oath to uphold the constitution, witch is a lot more that what I had to do. The folks that just got here are the True Americans in my book.

    I was talking to a friend of mine and he was born in Mexico and he was talking about the problems WE have to face as Americans. If he was living in another country even his kids kids would never be considered. Here an American is not genetic its a belief system.

  11. eastwoodo4

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    mike,being born and growing up here gives you a true since of home.
    if your born somewhere else than that place will always be your true home.
    only a piece of **** would move here and try and change the way we do things.

    at this point,for me,its like fuc it do what you want i dont give a fuc.its a losing battle and im tired of wasting my breathe trying to paddle up the river of sheeple.

    just seen them talking about food taxes on fox and this thought popped in my head.taxes run the machine and the machine imposes the taxes.its like putting out a fire with gas.i thought thats why we left england?:poop:

    sorry if i jump around with my points but when i get a thought i write it.
  12. give me vtec

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    Yeah, those are the legal ones that go through the paperwork.... And for the most part I agree with you.

    However, for every one legal immigrant that appreciates his citizenship.... There are a dozen illegal ones that join street gangs, murder/rob people, dump oil in the gutter/storm drain, leave old tires in abandoned fields, spraypaint grafiiti, abuse the social entitlement programs, over run the schools and prisons, drive excessively drunk on weekdays, buy houses w/out a social # they destroy the house and default on the mortgage before returning home.... Etc, etc.

    Before you call me a racist.... I live with them. I am officially in the minority where I live... Outnumbered by illegal immigrants.

    Many of them are good people... Many are not.
  13. professor

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    Wow, we have the wretched winter to deal with for 4 months and you Cal guys have different problems to live with.
    The loyalty of a citizen is what the founding fathers had in mind when they specified that only natural born citizens could be president. They wanted NO divided loyalty. The very thing O has.
    He is a mulsim, he referred to their book at a ramadan dinner he held six months or so ago, as the "holy koran" -even spoke with the right inflection in his voice.
    Only true islamics refer to that book as "holy".
    Islam is BOTH a religion and a political idiology.
    They cannot be separated.
    All other people can be assimilated into a nation as time goes by EXCEPT the comitted islamic.
    Where IS the birth certificate?
  14. retromike3

    retromike3 Member

    doesn't matter

    I look at the people who keep talking about Os birth certificate are the same as the ones who four years later were talking about how bush stole the election. The thing to do is to look for somebody who can out talk and govern O. Don't look back just look forward.

  15. give me vtec

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    He isn't a Muslim... He is an atheist. True communists cannot accept any religion, because religion usually goes above the state in terms of personal importance... In communism/statism the state must be the most important thing in a persons life, not GOD... That is why all communist states outlaw or severely restrict religion... It poses a threat to the long term viability of the state.
  16. SimpleSimon

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    Competing authoritarian belief systems will often conflict. When both the secular authority structure and the religious authority structure are in agreement you get true tyranny, as evidenced by the christian Dark Ages that engulfed Europe in the wake od the Roman Empire, or any of the various smaller-scale examples from much more recent history - the rise of Leninist/Stalinist communism in the guise of state socialism in Russia, or the rise of Maoist idolatry in China that precipitated the "Cultural Revolution", or the devotion of the Kmer Rouge to an ideology directly opposed to the survival of urban culture, and the resulting "Killing Fields" of Cambodia.

    "True communism" is a religion. Just as certainly as is any variety of Christianity, Mohammedism, Buddhism, Taosism, Zoroastrianism, Shinto, Rastafarianism, or any other set of magical delusions which anyone embraces in an attempt to explain that which they do not understand.

    You want a threat to the state? In the long run, the greatest threat to any state is ignorance- ignorance and a willful blindness that refuses to SEE reality, that REFUSES to think for itself, that obsequiously kneels before an altar of authority and prays for "GUIDANCE" - in effect, abdicating and avoiding the necessity of thinking for themselves.

    Almost every human "scripture", regardless of source, regardless of belief system, regardless of social milieu, contains advice to the effect that one should "raise a child up to a belief system, and he will not depart from it". WHAT that belief system is matters not. It is a vanishingly rare human being who can abandon their acculturation and learn to SEE the world through unblinkered eyes.

    Human beings, by whatever means you wish to postulate, require cultural systems to become human - infants are born as animals, with no inherent beliefs or predilection toward a given belief system. That being true, when we teach our children to embrace authority, when we teach rhem to accept "received wisdom" without questions, when we instruct them that "faith" proves anything other than personal blindness and indoctrination, then we serve them ill.

    No social system is eternal, no social construct is inerrantly true, no society endures without change, no human grouping ever solidifies into unchanging adamantine crystallization. Not least is that true of this country, whose founders had the wisdom to know that change would come, and to try to allow for such changes to be accommodated in the social order.

    There is no returning to what once was - most especially that is true when one lies to oneself about the true nature of what that past embraced. We either find ways to live in the world we inhabit, or we die. That is just as true of any nation as it is of any human.

    This nayion is dieing.
  17. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    Simon, I agree with a good deal of what you just said... But then I disagree with a good deal too. At this point I'm pretty confident you know which is which.

    My question is this... Seeing that you that you don't believe in the existence of GOD, what do you know of divine inspiration or guidance? What makes you the authority to tell anybody anything about something you know little to nothing about??? I think you would call that arrogant ignorance...

    Who is to say that people don't take divine guidance and critically think about it? Have you ever sincerely asked GOD for guidance, or have you always denied and cursed GOD... Expecting him to show up just to get your approval?

    It takes utter humility before GOD will even begin to reveal anything... The kind of humility and humble attitude I'm sure you are most certainly not capable of. A man that thinks he knows everything will never be able to admit he knows nothing.

    Without proof that GOD doesn't exist... Why do you consider it so terribly awful when s
  18. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    Without proof that GOD doesn't exist... Why do you consider it so terribly awful and offensive when somebody says that GOD does exist without proof? Isn't that hypocrisy?
  19. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    While I do not believe in the existence of a god, in the utter absence of any evidence whatsoever for any such existing, I do NOT disbelieve that such MIGHT exist. Offer some evidence, preferably more convincing than the self-serving "scriptures" of various religions, which clearly exist to promote an authority system.

    A great many people have taken "scripture" and thought critically about it at enormous length - the effort is in the christian world called "apologetics". I have never asked god for guidance, since I see no evidence of his existence - that would be akin to asking Santa for a baseball glove. Uselessly frivolous. Neither have I denied or cursed god, however - I simply ask you too offer up proof of god. To date you, and every other apologist I've encountered, has failed in that. Should such evidence be presented, clearly demonstrating that the existence of god is anything more than a social delusion, I'll quite happily ask for guidance.

    You see, vtec, your aspersions aside, I know the limits of my knowledge, and I recognize quite clearly the limits of yours - which includes essentially no knowledge of me. What few anecdotes I've related here really don't amount to much. I know a great deal about only a very few things,and a very little about a great many things, but there is NO subject on which my information is exhaustive. There is ALWAYS more to learn.

    I assume a typing error truncated your thought, and the second post was merely completing that.

    Proof of non-existence is a logical impossibility, as I am sure you are aware. At best, one can merely establish an absence of the lack of proof that a thing exists - which says nothing concrete about proofs which might subsequently arise. So, contrary to your characterization of my evaluation of the assertions of those delusional folks proclaiming in the absence of evidence that god exists as being "terribly awful and offensive", I do not so view such belief systems.

    Socially counter-productive in the extreme, systematically designed to focus human effort in ways that support authority and authoritarians, oh my yes. Conducive to the rise of demagoguery, which is the enemy of thought, certainly. Wasteful of human thought and effort - beyond a shadow of a doubt. Destructive of self-awareness, logic, learning, and much else it often is, although that need not be true.

    There is a truism I long ago embraced regarding reality, which says this:

    "Absence of proof is not proof of absence."

    That, my boy, sums up my attitude toward god quite succinctly. I see no evidence of such, nor do I see proof of its absence. Frankly, I have often wished someone WOULD show me such proof of god - it would make life so much more comfortable. Until someone does, I will go right on being that uncomfortable fellow I have always been, and keep right on looking.

    Meanwhile, whilst looking for hypocrisy, avoid mirrors.
  20. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    if you are looking... why do you search with your eyes closed?

    maybe your problem is this.... it seems you try to find proof of GOD in man where it does not exist. man cannot offer proof of GODs existence only GOD can. if that is what you are waiting for, it will never happen. have you ever tried to talk to GOD, or are you too full of yourself and "scientific proof"? (for the record, (GOD doesnt answer back with a booming voice like in the cartoons). if you are lucky, you feel his presence, it feels like the overwhelming sensation of jubilant hysteria.... and its exceedingly rare as a good deal of the CHristians out there dont actually have a personal relationship with GOD. they are only Christians on the outside, not the inside.

    it really isnt hard to talk to GOD.... while you are alone and with sincerity/curiosity say out loud "GOD i know im not perfect and that i have commited sin. i dont know everything and i need your help. I want to know your presesnce, i am open and if it is in your will please reveal it to me"... keep your mind open, then wait and see if anything happens over the next couple of days. you cannot be sceptical one bit, go into it with a completely open heart, it takes a complete and utter humility. you cannot find GOD through research, you cannot find GOD through observation, you cannot find GOD through other men.... you can only find GOD through GOD. its a purely introverted and personal thing, the Church just wants you to believe otherwise. to be a good Christian you dont have to go to church afterwards, you dont have to build an alter, and you certainly dont have to submit to "authority".... at least i dont.

    the only one you have to submit to is GOD.... you most certainly dont have to submit to other men (bishops, priests, cardinals... etc).

    what do you have to loose, you would be alone, so its not like anybody would think any different of you. it may change your life, and if doesnt, no harm no foul. it would just be more proof towards your argument.