I always wanted a Whizzer Motor Bike! Now what do I do?

Mike Lynch

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Jan 28, 2008
Clearwater Florida
My name is Mike Lynch and I want to purchase a Whizzer Motor Bike. It would appear that I may have waited too long as the "local" Whizzer" Dealer has closed and there isn't one in a reasonable distance from where I live, Clearwater Florida. I have found several WEB Sites that offer them but first I need to do some research which a local Dealership would have been great for.

This Forum and it's Members may help me with my purchase process but I have a few questions I'd like to ask. They are based upon my "motor scooter" experiences which occurred over the past four years. Since I was a young boy, about eight years old, the name Whizzer Motor Bike has been popping up. This is because my Uncle Ray always wanted to put a Whizzer Engine on his bicycle. Uncle Ray is in his eighties and I'm in my sixties and neither one of us has satisfied our Whizzer desires. With that being said, I want to ride the Pan-Am Highway from the North to South before I die. I tried it on a Vespa GT200 and never made it. Tire failures, two engine failures and with the last, RIP: Vespa GT200! Note, I do not fault the GT200 as I was trying to use it for a purpose it wasn't designed / intended for. A Motorized Bicycle however, might be a different story.

I have a new scooter now, it's a 2006 Aprilia Scarabeo 500 ABS. I believe my Scarabeo could make the journey but the cost would be quite prohibitive. Then the word Whizzer popped into my head again today, causing me to say why not explore the potential of meeting both goals / desires. Could I really ride a Whizzer from Prudhoe Bay Alaska to Ushusia Argentina? I do not know but that's why I joined this Forum? I need some answers and with them, I'll determine if a Whizzer and I can get the job done. For starters, my first two questions are:

1.) In stock condition, how long should a properly maintained, brand new Whizzer Motor Bike Engine last in miles? I'd purchase a complete Whizzer Motor Bike as I do not have expertise to fit an Engine in a frame / bike and perhaps not the time to become an expert.

2.) Is there a tire / tube combination that will fit the 26" Whizzer Motor Bike that is noted for long mileage / service to include gravel roads?

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Mike Lynch
Welcome aboard Mike. I'm not a Whizzer guy so I can't help with your questions. Sorry. There will be some guru's along presently, I'm sure.
Welcome to MBc. :cool:
I wish you all the best in getting answers to your questions.
I am not a Whizzer guy either.
Welocome to mbc. Seems to be alot of Whizzer activity here lately. You can contact whizzer directly in texas and maybe they will sell you one directly if there is no dealers in your area.

Ryan Millett
Newport Beach Whizzer
Hi mike I hate to say this I dont have A good or honest answer for you,I think I would ask your questions to MR MOTOR BUILDER QUENTION ....sorry Bill Green Vancouver Whizzer
I am a Whizzer Guy with a couple whizzers. Both have been modified. One for reliability and better performance. The other is highly modified capable of doing nearly 70 miles an hour. Yes whizzers are the motorized bike for me. Others have made long trips like you are talking about on these motorized bicycles.

The sharpest person on the Whizzer is the name you already heard, "Quenton".

You can get better information from him than The Whizzer company. You will like talking with him, very nice fellow.

This reply is pretty late coming but if still interest send him a PM to get contact info.

Best Regards

Bill Snow
Hi Mike, I have several Whizzers with over 6000 miles [each] logged on them. If the time is taken to "prep" the bike, I am sure it will easily complete the trip. A lot of time should be spent in "loctite-ing" all the bolt & nuts , because the Whizzer is a single cylinder flat head and as such will produce some vibrations at higher speeds. Whizzer has taken the time to balance the flwheeel on the NE motor and it really helps keep the vibration to a minimum ,or in most cases completely eliminate it. Sorry I don't know enough about tires to comment. If you need any additional information , just ask.
Whizzer OuterBanks,