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    Hey guys and gals,

    My name is John lewicki and I'm 24. I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario And work as a cook. I got into metal working about 8 years ago, for the last 5 of them I have been learning the art of bladesmithing. I have a hot shop for forging outside and a shop indoors. I have always loved motor bikes, and I still have my first little moto-skeeter. Now my bike is a Kawasaki GPz 750:devilish:. I love building things and seeing them run. So after researching a while I got the parts I needed and put together my own bike. It has a 182cc 4stroke with a comet belt torque converter drive. I still have to add a few things(spedometer, windshield and lights), but it is fun to ride. Any way thats me.


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    welcome john, you have very good taste. how will the mounties feel about it?
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    Very, Very, Very...

    :batman: NICE!
    Any chance of showing us more pics?
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    Hey, your bike is a masterpiece! A very cool look indeed. Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your creation. I'll bet with such a short stack, the motor has quite a bark.