I am a nubee in San Francisco Ca. 94112

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    Hello My name is Adrian I live in the Sunnyside where it's always foggy. Tired of buying my High School going son clipper (transit) cards have decided to build a bike. At the Goodwill across the street from where I work in the Mission I bought a 24" wheel Mongoose chrome MNT. Bike in Original condition and found all this great advice right here. I will be searching and hopefully find ( I have already) great advice and helpful hints. 63 years old but feeling like I,m only 52
    My take on this building motorized bike issue is to take ones time buy a small 4 stroke of good quality keep it simple and light. Any San Francisco member will tell you it,s all about the hills. Thus further research will have me perhaps a bike by xmas 2011 Thank you all for being here You will be hearing a lot from me over and out

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    Welcome to MBc, Siteunscene. I think you are on the right track with a 4-stroke...I prefer the Robin-Subaru EH035. For my money, it can't be beat. The real trick on the hills, tho, is going to be your gearing. As a suggestion (and I don't hawk anyone's products), I'd check out Dave Staton. www.staton-inc.com He matches his engines with one of several gearboxes he mills himself. There are also other fine 4-strokes such as the Honda and Hua Sheng.