I Am A Research Nerd About To Buy My First Bicycle Engine

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by utsahan, Dec 27, 2007.

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  1. utsahan

    utsahan Guest

    Greetings from the Appalachian Mountains of Asheville North Carolina.
    Since about 2 months ago I have been investigating the market to get the best bicycle engine. I see it as a better alternative to cars. It is regrettable that the U.S.A. has such a bad public transportation system.

    Its a bit mountainous and I have got some distances to travel. So far I have determined that a Staton friction drive would be the best in terms of price, simplicity, and reputation, plus the referral program he offers. I have yet to fully investigate the china frame mount kits. I have a vague Idea of the benefits and deficiencies of v-frame mount kits. Also as far as the China engines go the obvious issue is lack of proven reputation vs. the well known Hondas and Subarus, etc. But I see here no lack of enthusiasm for these kits so I will investigate further.

    So far I have really carefully studied the Golden Eagle bicycle kit, the Staton kits, and the Dimensio's Edge kits.

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  2. fetor56

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    Welcome man to MBc.
  3. mickey

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    Welcome. You seem remarkably organized in your interest. I've bookmarked your site.
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    welcome to mbc:grin:
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    Welcome to MBc!Nerds Rock!
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  7. Skyliner70cc

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    Make sure you strongly consider the new Dax 4 stroke chain driven drive on a rear mounted carrier. Its 4 stroke engine has proven reliable for (I believe) 2000 miles of use.

    I personally do not like for friction drive. It doesn't work as well in certain weather conditions and I don't like the offset motor which affects lateral center of gravity.
  8. dbigkahunna

    dbigkahunna Guest

    The nice thing about these things, you can try one, try another even try a third and have less than a 500$ in all of them. I have a DE Scrubber and love it. Scrubbers are simple and powerful. But have their limitations. Belt/Chains are more all weather, but again have their drawbacks. Try one and if you dont like it, sell it and buy another. Or be like the rest of the nerds around here and have the dadgum things all over the place.
    Welcome to the tribe from the Giant Side of Texas!
  9. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    yes, you have done your homework...i hope your time here will help you expand your reference list to more fully represent what's available to the new rider/builder :)

    welcome to MBc :cool:
  10. 50sville

    50sville Guest

    reply to utsahan

    I looked through your page and yes you have been looking around a bit. The friction drive units are good only if you have a lot of extra tires around to replace because the drive wears the tires out really really fast. The good news is they are reasonably priced and easy to install. Also you can change the ratios by changing the friction drive to a different diameter for Straights or Hills.
    the problem with all motorized bikes is usually not the engine it self it is how to transfer the power to the wheel.
    I was pleasantly surprised to see DAX was making his with chain. Good Deal !
    But it is also stuck in one gear. It sounds like he has a decent clutch and that is important too.

    What would work the best is a engine with a comet clutch torque converter used on mini bikes and go karts. Variable speed for hills and straights. Until this is done most of the motorized bikes will work about the same. Unless you have a
    Hot Rod Whizzer (148cc) like Quenton builds .Than your just making more power to compensate for no transmission. Remember that 2 strokes days are numbered and all focus should be put on 4 cycle engines and electric bikes.
    Roy / 50sville
  11. utsahan

    utsahan Guest

    Its my first time back since posting and I have read all of your comments. i will be looking into the DAX a bit more. I will update the page to include any kits that are not junk.
    Being able to get paid for referrals is a great incentive therefore Staton and Dimension's edge are appealing. Staton's program is my favorite because the buyer has an incentive to give reference to the recommender.

    I would like to know how homemade fuel could be used to power one of these. Could they go on pure alcohol and vegetable oil?
  12. smyton

    smyton Guest

    I'm new here but I nerd out Too.


    You and I may be kindred spirits. Since I became aware of motorized bicycles I have been researching and building like crazy. I have built 6 motored bikes and have also experimented with changing the power source for motorcycles. My advice to you is DAX DAX DAX DAX!!! I hate this guys shipping policy and his website is a pain in the butt to use but his products are in every way superior. I have used both his 2 and 4 cycle/stroke kits and they are superior. If you decide to use a gas engine as opposed to another power source I really think you will find DAX the best in class no matter which one of his engines you buy. If you do anything electric or diesel please let me know because I need more input before I nerd out in a whole new direction. Happy travels.
  13. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest


    2 things...

    referrals for money kind of grinds the wrong gears around here, it's best if folks keep that stuff private...joining to gain exposure for possible referrals would be the wrong reason to be here.

    and, smyton, i don't wanna dampen your excitement, but...as far as i know (i could be wrong) i have the only civilian dax 4-stroke there is right now.

    we don't usually get into direct recommendations, geez do those topics get smoky fast...

    we prefer the honest detailed reports our members post & we consider MBc the perfect research-reference for making your own motoredbiking choices :cool:
  14. Best Bicycle Engine

    Hello, I just found this post as I do not frequent this area. By far and away, the Whizzer is the VERY best bicycle engine available in the US, Maybe the world?

    Starting out that NO other bike engine that will fit in regular bicycle has an alternator on board.

    Roller Rod, ball and roller bearings in the bottom end.

    American company with Dealer network AND every nut bolt and screw availble from Company.

    DOT, EPA, and CARB approved, the bike is Legal most everywhere.

    Long life, no mixing fuel, infinately repairable! Looks good, lasts good, and sounds good. Well designed, and well supported AND an American Historical reincarnation!

    What more can you ask for?

    Mike (completely unbiased?)
  15. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i have yet to see if this is even a real thread, mike...it may be just a ploy for clicks. i hope i'm wrong :)
  16. smyton

    smyton Guest


    Thanks Augidog what I was trying to say is I have used hi 2 stroke kits and also experimented with 4 stroke engines(frame mount with the rest of the dax kit). You hit the nail on the head I am so excited about the cool stuff coming (slowly) from Colorado these days that I jammed to many sentences together. New pic of a 20 inch with a 2 stroke and my sisters dax 70cc/schwinn jaguar coming soon. Now if Portland would stop raining I would be so happy.
  17. Clicks?

    Hi Augi, yes I think you may be right. I looked at that "site" and could not have been less impressed!

    Ads all over, and a little bit of writing, I have had MANY requests to "trade links" with a bunch of rather phoney "informational" sites, and I have rejected as many as one or two a week!

    Somehow I feel that a person should create something, develop something, or maybe really research something indepth.

    I for one am very interested to see what the OP has to say about this.

  18. utsahan

    utsahan Guest

    Interesting Thread

    My rebuttal

    I came to bicycle engine world with absolutely no knowledge whatsoever. I studied the websites of all the bicycle engine kits especially those selling Japanese engines since those have a proven track record and those were the sites most convincing websites.

    Then I went and called the distributors themselves and had at least 3 hours of phone conversations to try and understand in the simplest possible terms what are the differences of each kit. Plus I made emails, etc.

    I spent a lot of time on this site just to find the same information I summerised in my lens. I do not say any kit is better than any other I just explain how a friction drive works, how a chain drive works, etc.
    These things are not obvious to every first time buyer.

    After all was said and done it didn't require many words to say what needed to be said. It did however take many hours of work to create.

    The purpose of my site is that people can come and get a quick breakdown of the differences between each kit. It took me hours to figure out and if I can save someone else some time then I have met my objective. They can see the videos of how these things work, pictures, etc.
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  19. Re: Rubuttal

    Hello, after having been in the Motor Bicycle business over 8 years, I am continually amazed by the "built one bike experts" "studied the market experts" and associated others.

    Somehow I cannot imagine why someone with no first-hand knowedge of a subject, would wish to attempt to write an "informative" site, about which they are inexperianced?

    Addtionally, an effort to make "commissions" from such an undertaking seems a bit to me like making money off of the unschooled, when in fact, so many of us offer real instruction free. And have been giving free help, free advise, and even minor grief councilling as a matter of our continuing involvement in this Hobby/Sport/Transportation lifestyle.

    Have I missed something?

    Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

    I am certainly open to the truth, whatever that might be.