I am brand new to Motored Bikes and have a question.

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    I have found a bicycle online that appeals to me for several reasons. I would like to consider it for modification / addition of a GEBE Kit. Since I am a novice on bicycles and engine kits, I would ask for other Forum Members opinions on the suitability of the bicycle I "think" would be a candidate for a GEBE Kit. Again, the bicycle I have found online appeals to me. I like the Green /Light Green color that is offered, I like the internal Seven speed hub and what appears to be a strong frame and wheels. Since I am so new, I have no experience to call on so I'm asking for help. I'll post the link to the bicycle I want below. If you would, please look at / review it as a potential candidate for a GEBE Kit. I asked GEBE for their opinion but they declined. I need to start somewhere but I do not want to make the wrong decision first on either the Bike or the Engine Kit. Thanks for your thoughtful response.

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    Bike being considered:


    GEBE Kit being considered:


    EHO35 35cc Robin/Subaru Mini-4

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    Hi Mike, welcome to the wonderful world of motored bikes! One thing you will need to make sure of with the Golden Eagle system is that there is enough clearance between the seat stays and the chain stays, to the spokes of the wheel for the belt drive ring. There used to be a sticky post somewhere on the forum about the clearances and installation info, but I can't seem to find it. If I do I'll post it here for you.
    I'd like to suggest that you find a LBS (Local Bike Shop) that has that model, and would allow you to look at it in person and possibly take some measurements, please do your research before hand (as you have began to do in posting here) as this will not only make your installation a pleasure rather than an excercise in frustration, but in the long run will give many more miles of trouble free riding.

    AHA!!!!!! Found that post- here's the link:
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    I know internal 3 hubs don't work, or didn't back when I was axle mounting them, because the cable got in the way. AND if I remember correctly, the actual clearances were narrower, (space for the wheel and spokering to fit into) .

    All's I've ever done are external sprockets, however.
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    Your Schwinn link doesn't work, for me anyway: error 404
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    WOW, that model used to run $450 in 2006.

    Here the problem, Mike. Everything on the rear is in the way. With a full fender you either have to notch it to let the belt pass, OR cut the things off, like I did on these two $150 Schwinn Pointe Beaches.

    No matter what type of bike you use, you are going to have to replace the rear wheel with 12 gauge, for flawless riding, and I highly suggest replacing the tubes with punctureproofs.

    50% the bikes I build require a slight crimp in the frame to allow the spoke ring to pass clearly. A big massive Schwinn like this may have plenty of clearance, but I've never built one, so I don't know for sure.

    Early on in 2005 I found the 7 speed Sun Retro Alum 7 (now called the Cruz 7) to have a bunch of advantages.

    No crimp necessary, plenty of room for the spoke ring.
    Half fenders, so the back one can simply "flip around", be out of the way of the engine mount.
    Price-they used to run me about $280, now they are about $310.

    I'll bet you could take any cruiser frame, and buy or make the components to get that classic Schwinn look, but not have that "in the way" fender/rack on the back.

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    I have a Sun Cruz bike , single speed for sale posted , now. I am S. of Gainesville, Fl. If you look at this link, you will see a pix of it, & you can decide if you like the styling, etc., for a build. They work very well, very good quality, & you won't find a better bike for this price. ONLY- $100.

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    Hey bamabikeguy What kind of mirror did you put on that point beach.
    Iam having trouble finding a good one for mine...
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    Thanks !!!!!

    I will go get one of those.:cool:
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    Hey Bamabikeguy I bought some Fuel bottles at Academy Sports that match the red on the Point Beach exactly.. They were only a few dollors each.
    They look kinda cool, like they painted the bike than painted them at the same time.
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    That husband and wife ride with another pair of bikes I built, and one of the guys brought back these neat plastic liquor bottles from Panama City last year. I don't know metric very well, 350 ml?? long necked bottles that held grenadine or shnapps or something like that.

    Whatever size they are, they don't sell that type bottle here, but it gives them about a 100 mile range.
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    350ml is approx. 12 oz.
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    Well, then 350ml is obviously wrong, they must be around 750ml, but not shaped like bottles sold in the ABC stores here, because they fit in the bottle holders.

    I only know they weren't the standard whiskey/vodka/gin shaped.