I am grndslm...


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Mar 19, 2008
Augi said he'd fix my account if I emailed the Administrators. I did, and it's been days 'cause of the whole admin fiasco... I still can't reply in threads, particularly the "MBc Bible" one.

I'm tired of the disorganization, so I came up with (what seems to me) a pretty good outline for this MBc Bible, and I plan to write it out later tonight when I get back home.

Leave the other account with limited access, or fix it and delete this. I'm just tired of not being able to contribute anything when I can & having to logout in order to see attachments, like pictures and such. Why can guests see attachments, but members who lose posting privileges can't??

Anyway... hope to see this place return to order. Augi built this place, but his ideals have undoubtedly washed off on just about everyone else here... so the spirit of Augi will live on as long as this place doesn't collapse on itself.

BTW... I believe everything that happened, happened for a reason. Tom got to hint to the other forum that we exist and rock hard. Augi gets much needed free time [to ride]. Now we're about to create a wiki-like thread to help the n00bs and save the mods & admin a ton of trouble. We're all gonna get what we wanted.