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    What's up guys.
    My names Mac. Pretty new to the whole motorized bike scene, saw one guy ride pass me on day. Moved up here to Vegas a coouple months ago from San Diego after a motorcycle accident. Use to ride a Ninja ZX6R, until I layed it down on the 805 fwy. Lucky to be alive. Lost most of my skin from my foot, I was wearing shorts and penny loafers, and some just some minor road rash.
    I picked up a $40 craigslist bike and ordered the f80 from thats Dax a couple days ago, so im pretty excited. Ill post pictures of my entire build as soon as its finish. Glad to be part of such a cool and unique community, and looking foward to meeting you motorized bikers

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    welcome mac! i'm new myself, theres a lot we can learn here. post some pics when you get started.
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    Yeah dude, I'm hoping to learn a lot. I gotta get my camera working, but for sure I'll have pics up. And here's a little road rash for you guys
    It's completely healed now, but that was when it was infected. They had to take a wire brush to it to clean it up. Worst feeling ever. Concrete is unforgiving
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    Welcome I'm new too. Nice strawberry's on your foot. Been there done that. Glad your ok. Oh and your diamond back looks good too.