I am new and scared

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by devonalcorn, Sep 25, 2009.

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    the installation was easy enough, though starting it with a faulty kill-switch was fruitless. I should have taken the carburetor apart and put it back together first, too (though I would not have learned that the float would not float, but would rather fill up and sink in the float bowl). I still have yet to ride my bike. I await the new float. Oh, I am Devon, and I live in Fallbrook, CA (avocado capital of the world, woo hoo!). My bike is a black 10 year old gearless Schwinn Beach Cruiser with a coaster brake. I installed the Black Stallion 66cc and the whole thing now looks cool enough. Someday I will actually get to see if I enjoy riding it.:sweatdrop:It has been over 100 degrees all week.:sweatdrop:

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    Welcome to the forum, devonalcorn.
    It has been the same temp in my neighborhood too. 106, 108, ect.
    I recommend at least adding a front brake to your bike. The coaster brakes do not last long by them selves on an MB.
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    I second that a coaster brake will fail at the most inopportune time. Please for your safety, install a front brake. Take care and ride safe.
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    from just a few miles south of you
    top of Wild Cat Cyn

    happy riding on that thing
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