I am new at this but I do have some expernce

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    Greetings members of motorbikes.com forum. I joined this forum site in hopes of expanding my knowledge about motorized bicycles. Preferably the gas powered kind simply because they are more powerful than electric powered bikes. But correct me if I am wrong on that one. I am sure they have new more powerful E-bikes nowadays but I'm just used to good old internal combustion engines. My first experience with a gas engine bicycle did not go well. I had problems with both the bike and the chain tension system so I ended up selling it. I could never get it right with the tension and the bike I used was udder ****. I had the traditional idler wheel as a chain tensor and I added to much tightness and the whole thing fell apart on me. The chain part at least. Anyway forgive me if I seem to run on about stuff and lets talk motorized bicycles.

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    Welcome aboard :D
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    Just decided to go with a classic style cruiser build for my next motorized bicycle protect. I really hope I can make this next one work right. Wish me luck.
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    There are some very fast eBikes but they are custom built and cost
    a lot more than a gas powered bike.

    Looks like there may be about 15 eBikes at the SoCal race on Oct 22nd
    and if they don't burn up they have a very good chance of beating the
    fastest gas bikes.