I am new to this an need lotsa lotsa help

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  1. big kountry 75

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    with the recent gas prices an econamy in the toilet I've decided to seek alternet transport I have alway loved the look of the old boadtrack racers an recently seen a replica i mant to build one myself not spend $8,000.00 on 1 that every 1 else can go buy please help these chines motors all seem to be the same is there a good kit iut there that won't break the budget :confused::bowdown::idea:

  2. big kountry 75

    big kountry 75 New Member

    hello everyone from ga

    Sorry about the first two threads without an intro. I'm ecited this is going to give me an opprotunity to own a bike that I've always dreamed of owning. I've always been inlove the boardtrack racers of the early 1990's an have owned a couple of motorcycles but never could capture the style. recently is saw a replica built from a bicycle it was amazeing now I've got the fever.
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    The chinese engines are cheap and cheaply made. You need to replace these things:
    carb, bolts/nuts, upper connecting rod bearing, crank bearings, crank seals, CDI
    Then it can be reliable. And with some changes to the porting and an expansion chamber you can actually squeeze some power out of it.
  4. big kountry 75

    big kountry 75 New Member

    Thanks those tips are helpful sounds like you get what you pay for mabe a briggs & stratton may be my answer