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    I ride a motorized bike that has a 750 watt hub motor powered by 36v (soon to be 48v) sealed lead acid battery. I choose this over a gas motor due to stealth, quietness and ease of maintenance. With 48v it can reach speeds of 30 mph, perhaps 35 with a 48v lithium type battery as they normally supply in reality 52 volts. With 36v it only does the legal limit of 20 mph. I want the extra power and speed 48v brings for emergencies if I need to pull away more quickly.

    I consider my electric motored bike every bit as a motored bike as a gas bike is. The up sides are battery charge is dirt cheap from 2 to 5 cents a charge and we all pay for electricity anyway. It has a range of 20 to 25 miles per charge with 48v which is everywhere I need to go around the city on a daily basis.

    I am joining because I need info for modding accessories for the bike as you cannot find this info on bike forums or even motorcycle forums.

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    welcome !!!!
    yea that whole electric bike thing is starting to get interesting !!
    I might have to build one .. Might be a lot of fun..
    The range and performance is starting to get my attention...
    And the stealth well that's always a good thing..