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    Sick dude, sick bike, like it! (Bike only, not into dudes...)
    You head is twisted 90 degrees, well, your engine's head.
    I cannot tell how twisted YOUR head is!

  3. silvertop

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    That was an experiment...this is my 3rd build I am a lurker
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  4. Street Ryderz

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    that is a nice ride!But from my many customers that tried that exhaust my self included its very restrictive and causes heat issues !! I tried to hog it out and well 9/16 just dont cut it even for stock port volumes the connection at pipe is only 7/16ths
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  5. Street Ryderz

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    this is the i.d where it connects to the pipe 7/16ths not enuf flow at all!the second pic is where the flange fitting was I tried to open it up got to just over 9/16ths and went through to the flex hose!

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  6. silvertop

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    this pipe is crap btw
  7. Street Ryderz

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    the idea was good they just dont think it all the way thru lol!yeah I dont like to see people hurt their engine not knowing the configuration is bad!