I am thinking of a 6.5hp rear drive.


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Mar 19, 2018
Does your feeble mind understand that this moron kid admitted to stealing government property on the internet? On our forum? Do you understand the implications??? Or are you too feeble of mind to grasp it? This kid can bring a bunch of unwanted government attention to motorized bikes by bragging about stealing from them on these forums. How stupid are you, you klutz? I assume you already suffer from alzheimer's.
I dont know klutz age, but it is anatomically and physiologically impossible to contract alzheimer's at certain ages; other brain disease yes, particulary genetic ones like Gravis disease which eats away at the mylenated sheath of nerve axons, (but can be prevented by a medeterain diet high in fats to replace the fatty coverings of these cells....)
idk but i will say do what u want. everyone has the freedom to have their own opinions and act accordingle. but i will say i applaud your efforts as a keyboard warrior.xD. i will say that unfortunately, perhaps, we all have different ideologies and values, and perhaps it would be better to not steal things in general.

It is interesting that u stated u dont steal anything. Consider this: what if you found a wallet of 10 dollars, would u steal the money? what about 20,30, 100, 10,000 or 100,000 dollars. At some point u will probably take the money, its just a question of how much. We all are inherently dishonest. Further, many people who perhaps are dishonest or lets just say according to your ethics, a cold hearted bastard, really didnt have the advantages of a strong family/friends or societal acceptance. What about cheating on tests; is it justified. What if the teacher is a pita and it is impossible to get above a 70 if you study for a long time as its poorly taught and textbooks are trash. Also what if u wanted to take it honest and then just fail the test, but then your parents would be upset and the teacher would make your life difficult; what if everyone in the class cheated too, is it justified. Again these are hypothetical. Not stated as a justification, but everyone has their flaws, and many flaws are further compounded by numerous environmental factors. Crazy Dan answer them; curious to see how you respond. What exactly are your values and where do they break down or not...

Howevere there are definetly a few corrections to be made to your argument. The sign cut down was a school bus stop sign in which was useless because there is no longer an active bus stop in that section, and the other sign was an arrow thing i believe that was again unnecessary. Further, half of the bolts were found under the bridge, by the gausset plates and thermal expansion joints as construction leftovers, and the hook bolt was extra from construction and was found on a trussmember that would have fallen into the river if it was knocked or by a strong wind. the wing nut was the only bolt that was stolen which was removed from a picnic bench. I will claim that what i said was perhaps exaggerated to gain some sort of reaction....
I will say that with age, your ideology will change, and also your values, and quote "deliquent" actions are sometimes necessary and a result of numerous environmental factors as all young people have done illicit actions that older folk will hypocritically rail against although they had similar mindsets when they were younger. Further, i will state, most people brag in general, as a response to the unvaid or valid opinion that people dont really care about them, in an effort to gain some sort of attention.
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Jul 9, 2016
I did many stupid things as a kid. I wish I listened to older folks trying to give me advice, but thought I was different and ignored them. Its a lot less painful to listen to wisdom from other's mistakes than making your own. You need to stop these illegal actions or it will one day catch up with you, as a 2 foot dildo up the ass. Breaking laws that don't affect others doesn't bother me a bit. It's when it can potentially harm others when I get concerned. I can care less if you jump off a 20 story building (it's illegal, you will be arrested if you live) as long as you aren't trying to cannonball someone on the ground. Do whatever you want as long as it doesn't harm others. That bus stop sign might have been obsolete, but elderly near-blind folks may need those turn signs.
You made it sound like you partially disassembled that foot bridge that has quite a fall if it broke apart. If you actually took no bolts out of the bridge nothing illegal occurred. You made it sound like you removed load-bearing bolts just because the nut was a little loose (in that case, I would have just tightened it). I return wallets with the cash intact, no matter the amount involved. Call it what you like (God, karma etc.), I would not want that crap on my shoulders. I am all about treating others like I want to be treated. Those turn signs will need to be replaced, and that's less money in the city budget that can go elsewhere. Taxpayers have to pick up the slack because of your actions. Right there, you are causing financial harm to others.


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Nov 29, 2017
This turned from a build I was looking forward to watching, to felony accidental manslaughter if anyone dies from his negligent actions... This is why I had to speak up.
Oh I know Dan. I'm just staying out of this one.