I am very curious about this tires: 2.00x26 motorcycle tires

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Loose Nut, Jan 16, 2014.

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    Got to be honest, I don't see anything special about this tire. It looks like it's good for light to moderate trail riding, i.e mostly flat or slight inclines and hard to maybe slightly soft dirt. For $30 plus shipping from God knows where, doesn't seem worth it really.
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    I did find a similar tire, the continental kks 10, which I also found a review of on another mb site. The user said it's too soft for pedaling at the recommended psi of 30, but he inflated it to 55 psi and was quite happy with its performance. Any 26 x 2 m/c tire should work, so if you are really interested in a m/c tire, I would search ebay and amazon for one you can afford.
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    I wonder, though, if these motorcycle tires have a more stout construction than cheap bicycle tires?

    That would make them well worthwhile.

    But then, you'd also expect them to be more expensive. So, maybe not.
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    I personally run Kendra 838 they're patterned after a motorcycle tire. You can get them off Amazon or at D i c k' s Sporting Goods. For under $25 a tire.
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    I'm thinking like "Bluegoats", considering the Dutch have their own version of the DOT, wouldn't it be rated for higher speeds?Seems logical captain.Bike tires are only safety rated to 35mph (though we know they can go much faster), so who knows.I pay $50+ for Schwalbe Marathon Plus, so $30 is cheap to me.
    What I'm curious about are the rims these go on.Skinny motorcycle rim sounds like HD bike rim to me.
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    I also run Kenda K838's. 26 x 2 motorcycles cost about twice what my tires cost. But GG is correct. They would be constructed better and rated for higher speeds. $30 a tire is not terribly expensive, but my tires cost half that and still look brand new after 600 miles. I have a top speed of 30 and most bicycle tires can handle that just fine. Now for speeds of 40+ (which my bike is not even capable of with my current gear ratio), I could understand the need for a beefier tire. My buddy runs 24 x 2.25 moped or motorcycle tires (not sure which exactly) on his preddy bike, that does almost 50 mph so motorcycle tires are a necessity at that point. In summary, I don't feel the need for a m/c tire with my current setup, but $30 is not a huge chunk of money for a tire, so for those that want them, go for it.
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    I read a review on another motorized bicycle website where the poster said he was using the same tires the OP mentioned in this thread, on a pair of Weinmann "Alex" rims, and according to him the installation was fairly easy. A little elbow grease and some soapy water made it "not much more difficult than installing a sturdy bicycle tire".
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    i tend to agree with this. holland seems to be far more aware of the necessity for small cheap vehicles, ie..mopeds and the like.

    all "real" tyres have speed ratings...i cant take my 650 over 180km/h cus im stingy and got cheap tyres this time.

    pushbike tyres dont have speed ratings, just like wheelbarrow tyres. and all wheelbarrow tyres say "not for highway use" on the side. they might be safe at 50mph...then again, its your own fault if they arent!

    once something is registered and theres legal implications involved... you start needing to meet basic requirements.

    dutch may be arrogant but sometimes i dont blame them! at least they use their heads somewhat, unlike the french that are just plain arrogant...
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    I looked at a 26x2.25 motorcycle tire I had, and compared it to a 26x2.125 cruiser bicycle tire. I could not see any difference in weight, sidewall strength, or anything else. The 26x2.25 is a NOS tire, and has no markings related to speed rating or anything else. It was made in Belgium and likely never intended for US markets.

    Regarding what someone else said about rims. 26 inch tires were used in different ways in Europe. They were used in light motorcycles much later than the US, and they were used on lots of heavy duty 2 and 3 wheel cargo bikes, mainly "bakfiets" and "transportfiets" These are very common in Holland. The tires interchange with bicycle tires. The cargo and transport bikes sometimes have VERY heavy duty rims, 2 inches wide is common.

    Here is a link that shows the rims and tires. The rims should be the 4th item down. I don't know anything about this site, I can't recommend it one way or the other.
    http://www.nostalgie-oirschot.nl/index.php?pagina=Oldtimer Fietsonderdelen
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    im running Hutchinson Lowrider 26X2.35 from wallyworld. There construction resembles a car tire when you look at the insides of them. 3 months and not one flat and they cushion the ride like you got full suspension.