Carby I bored the jet on a china carb


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5:19 AM
Nov 4, 2006
Pittsburg, Ks.
Let it be known, I have an extra carb, or 2, so this wasn't too risky for me.

Rusty Livesfast now!

After patching Rusty's rear tube, a new plug, some fresh fuel & a good once over on the whole bike...Rusty started easy, but was sorta sluggish after 3/4 throttle. So.... all the talk of boring the main & only jet sounded appealing. I have a set of tiny dremel bits. diamond encrusted...abrasive, but tiny.
the smallest, I did not use the dremel..went through with gentle twisting. the hole looked big compared to the pin hole in the one not tampered with.
I put my new jet in Rusty's carb and had a ride. Rusty would run wide open, with some episodes of bogging down.
Prolly fast enough...but... I raised the needle to the 3rd notch from the top and away we went.........
At this point, I lost a little bit of take off, but when Rusty wound up...he really screamed! (I swear at one point he screamed "GET OFF ME, YOU FAT B#%*&@!!!!! what are you trying to do...kill both of us?"
I was really impressed. the stop light by my house was green, so I decided to go to the country mart 1/2 a mile away & use the ATM. When I got there...i pulled the clutch lever & had nothing. I looked down and the clutch arm on my engine was gone. I didn't stop...went back to the house and swapped bikes.....went back to find the clutch luck.
but I did find one of Rusty's motormount studs. yup, vibrated one of the engine studs out too.
Rusty was flying!!! I'll bet I was doing every bit of 35 mph!!
I know this is not very exact sizes, I just got lucky. I'll know more when I get Rusty back together.
Maybe you could list the drill bit size you used so everyone who wants to do this mod will know what/where to buy it.

I'm glad you took the "chance" with my suggestion....I've done it on other bikes/scooters before with great success.

I don't know the exact size of the bit. There are no markings on them & I don't have a micrometer.

While you do this, I think it helps if you repeat "If it ain't broke and you mess with it ......." :LOL: :LOL:
so how did u shut it off when u got home? and how did u ride it back if ur motormount was broke?
Anyone else gonna try it? Come on, you know you want to. Even if you really screw it up, you can buy another jet cheap. :)
Drilling the (right) orifice is not and extremem modification, it just helps the bike run better at WOT....