I broke my seat @#$%*&


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8:52 AM
Dec 15, 2006
Fountain Hills, AZ
I broke a spring in my seat somehow and since I only weigh approx 150, I just sent a big ,pissed off, email to Nirve :devilish: :devilish:
I hope they f-in warranty replace it , and I'm really glad I don't weigh 250...I coulda got badly f'd up

ty for letting me vent haha :LOL:
I was going down the road, and the bolt holding the spring came loose on one of my gel seats, bolt/washer/spring bounce on the road, and luckily I found them.....

Not the same as breaking a spring, but another one of those "burn me once, shame on you"... ONCE you have the seat where you like it, tilt wise, (hardly anybody makes more than one adjustment for comfort level) , add a little LOCTITE and that worry is gone. :cool:
I have one of those cruiser seats with the big springs underneath, and it really hurts when they pop off..

Comfortable while it lasts...