i can not remember this engine kit- can u?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by double trouble, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. can you identify this kit? what year is it? are they any good? I have a chance to buy the bike and kit for a decent price. That will be bike 4. Just wondering if I should?


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  2. motorpsycho

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    That's just a typical chinese 2 stroke "happy time" engine kit.
    nothing special and no way to tell what year it is.
    but sometimes the sticker on the magneto cover will have a production date.
    the sprocket side cover is missing on this one, and it also looks like there's no spark plug.
    having no spark plug in an engine is not good (over a long period of time) because moisture will settle in the cylinder causing it to rust.
  3. I will check

    The ad says that the kit is new. I think someone tried to mount it on an old Schwinn cruiser and never finished. I have seen that blue sticker on other motors . I just can not remember the "brand". Yes , there all about the same ,but I just need to know. I'm pretty anal that way. I offered the guy $130 the way it sits. Both of the bikes I have now were other peoples wrecks that I reconstructed into pretty reliable pieces.
    I paid $80 for one and $130 for the other. The only parts I have bought was one carburetor that I need the air filter for one and the body for the other.
    I have put tons of work and parts/ pieces from other junk bikes on them ,but if you look in my gallery you can see 2 pretty decent bikes. One is a 90's trek 920 and the other is a 93 diamondback single track.
    This site has me wanting a beach cruiser so I can ride it on lake St. Clair this winter to go ice fishing. That way I can get out a mile or 2 without the D.N.R ticketing me for not having an O.R.V sticker. After first ice we usually get a snow that packs down and would make riding pretty decent. I can tow my shanty and gear behind.
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    hey double trouble that lookes like a bgf z2-80 dos the tag say rico group on it? if so it most likely is. i have had very good luck with mine i hope you do as well
  5. not sure

    I have not seen the bike up close. The picture was from an ad I saw. bgf stuff seems like decent quality. He is the low price leader and sells a ton on ebay. That is who I bought my carb from. I figure that for another $130 bike, I can't lose . One of my bikes needs a real clutch lever and gas tank so if this was a stinker , I would part one of mine out and just use the cruiser like I wanted.
    I have seen the kit prices drift down a bit. wondered why?