I can't believe it !

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by tn97kouki, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. tn97kouki

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    I picked up a schwinn jaguar with teeny rims , hs 50 ,upgraded seat , and other upgrades from one of the engineers at work for ......$100 .

  2. Barnfresh

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    Wow! you scored bigtime on that one, let us know how she rolls.
  3. tn97kouki

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    It does great . It needed lots of tlc . He had lost interest and had it sitting since may . Cleaned the carb replaced some bearings and brakes and fired right up . Also had to get the bushing in the clutch loose and replace the output shaft bearing . Only downside is the rear sprocket . When he purchased the rims he bought a 50 tooth sprocket to replace the 56 so it has very little low end . By the way it is a stage 2 gearbox . I think I am going to get a sbp shift kit and f&r disc brakes .
  4. Cool beans man, post some pics when you can, we want to see that thing!
  5. tn97kouki

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    Here's a few pics

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  6. motorpsycho

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    that's strange because normally a bigger rear sprocket will give you more bottom end.
    and when i say bigger, i mean bigger than the standard 44 tooth.
    you say that it has a 50 tooth on it, which should give tons of low end, but maybe because it has a 2 speed gearbox, the gear ratio is way different than on a single speed set up.
  7. tn97kouki

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    It's not two speed . It is just a gearbox . The 4 strokes have different sized sprockets (you are thinking of 2 stroke sprockets I believe). The 50 gears it higher . A 56 tooth sprocket is the size that came with this kit . When the previous owner bought the wheels he also bought the sprocket .