I can't figure this out....


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10:52 PM
Jun 6, 2008
k, I have an "80"cc chinese engine. When I go to start the bike, I pedal and then disengage the clutch, I dont hear ANY sounds though for the first little bit? I used to hear the piston go up and down before it would ignite the gas... now I pedal, I dont hear anything... like it turns the rear sprocket, (I know this because it slows me right down), then I have to pedal back up to speed and then it will ignite and run smoothly? Does anyone have any ideas? Its not really a problem so much as its buggin me and I want to know WHY it does that? So has this happened to anyone in the past... anyone have any ideas?

hi bry; first, when you let go of the clutch lever the clutch engages. i think the clutch is not adjusted right. if the lever is set with the button, can you lift the rear wheel and spin it easily? if not tighten clutch cable. if you can, loosen clutch cable. adjust little bits at a time.
my clutch is adjusted very well... when its pulled in, the back tire spins freely... when it is let out (to start it) it is holding nice and solid. Like I said in my post... it takes me 2 trys to start it, and on the first turn i dont hear the piston moving. After the engine has started the clutch works very well, I ride all over the place and have no problems with it.
if your bike is moving with the clutch out and the motor is not turning over. your clutch is slipping, then catching the second time.
so why does it only do this the first time and then I have no problem say... on an hour long ride stopping at lights and what not?
Funny as all get out

its trying to drive you nuts and it might be working.

Well, maybe a knee slapper.
Good advice on the clutch being a tad to tight on adjustment. I personally wish the thumb lock had a slightly wider lock out for more disengagement latitude.