I can't figure this out....

are you priming the carb before you try and start? Sounds like you might not have gas in the bowl, I would also check for a leak, intake and exhaust.

It's hard to say what your problem is without having the bike but its not sounding like a clutch issue to me. (but what do I know) I would prim the carb then try and start your bike. Use some choke when you first start the bike and after it gets a lil warm you can open the choke.

If thats not working, (starting your bike in about 20ft) then something is wrong.

Depending on how many miles you have on the engine, it might be time to replace your gaskets... using the red rtv gasket marker is good practice. Check your carb and throttle pin to make sure nothing is bent. Also, your idle screw may have come loose half a turn or the cheap mesh gas filter may be clogged.... Clean your spark plug and add a small amount of oil down the cylinder. Check your exhaust pipe for clogs. Might need to clean that sucker.

.... wish you the best, don't get frustrated.. just troubleshoot that thing one step at a time and you will be riding again in no time. :)