I cant pedal!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by morex132, Aug 7, 2009.

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    i have everything seemingly hooked up properly BUT, im having a hard time getting it started. i can get my bike going if i start out on a hill or have sombody push me but it is **** difficult to pedal this thing. essiently i have realized that im using the sprocket that is connected to the engine to do my pedaling and not the bike sprocket, therefore i cant get it going to start the engine up. what can i do?


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    any pics?
    Pedal harder?
  3. morex132

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    i basically have to stand on it just to turn the pedals ( i bent my handlebar from pulling so hard) whats happening is im using the engine sprocket on my bike to get it started i dont no if you can loosen the tightness of the sprocket gear to move more freely or what. but basically the actual "bike" part of the bike is non functional...if that makes sense

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    do you have the clutch lever pulled in? you must get the bike up to speed then release the clutch at speed, which will use the momentum and inertia of the wheels to turn over the engine.
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    yes i pull the clutch in but thats where i think my problem is, its probably just me not understanding it. but when i took the cover off to install the chain the clutch was just a metal rod that was round and flat on one side. but in turning it, it did not allow the engine sprocket to turn any more freely. their was still tons of resistance.
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    could their be a problem in the clutch plates on the other side?

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    i think if you take some pictures of the clutch adjustment, that would help.

    I think your clutch line is too loose, so it doesnt disengage the drive from the clutch, thus causing your resistance.
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    alright ill putz with it tomorrow. much appreciated bud ill see what i can do then

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    Yeah man, no problem.

    I have a feeling your clutch cable is too slack...thats the only thing i can think of...otherwise you SHOULD be able to freewheel the motor if you lock it out.
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    I agree with DJEEPER with the clutch cable being to slack.

    When you have the clutch cover on, try pressing the little rod all the back toward the bike, you should be able to move the bike freely at that point. When installing the brass tip on the clutch cable, try to pull as much cable through the little rod, then install the brass tip as close as possible.
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    When I installed mine, I had trouble understanding the clutch, in fact I called the person I bought it from because I thought it was broken. Do this.

    Take off your clutch cable.

    Push the clutch arm IN towards the engine until it stops on its own.

    Then tighten the screw on the clutch cable about 1/2 an inch further in then where the clutch arm stopped.

    Now that the clutch lever is as far as it goes in without resistance, take both of your thumbs and push HARD towards the engine (it will move), the have someone help you to put the cable in while you're holding the clutch arm in.

    Be sure that the screw on the clutch cable is TIGHT, or else it might slide loose resulting in no clutch and/or losing the screw during a ride.