I decided not to give up and be a quitter

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  1. I have decided not to give up and be a dam--- quitter.I found out by my past posts my oil was why My china girls bit the dust.Since I found a job close to home at the aluminum foundry and got taxes rolling In 2 weeks.I decided to make another build.And I will be naming her Abigail.This one gonna cost me but,I think I'll be very happy with the results.I am going with either an old antique american made beach cruiser or buying a workman bicycle that can accomodate my 6'4 rear.Far as engine goes.I am debating between a 5.8 h.p. morini 2 stroke or the ezm or dax titan.Depends on what I decide to be best.I buried china girl and decided to go far out and make this one sick ride.It'll be 3 to 4 weeks before I finish her.But,When I do I will post pics on here and have gebe ****in" On themselves with my masterpiece.Not being cocky.Just honest.This Is gonna be one sick ride!!!!!!!!! And not some back seat jalopy but an actual old school world war 1 motorcycle reproduction.I decided to go hard core and I am even adding a small stereo and speaker to blast some Iron Maiden down the highway showing my masterpiece off.

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    Good for you, but since when did a WWI motored bike or for that matter any bike have a radio...lol
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    As far as a 5.8 horse power bicycle, you better check your state laws. I don't think any of the 50 states allow anything over 50cc and 2 horse power. Anything over becomes a motorcycle and requires license plates and insurance.
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    Good for you! And as already suggested, keep an eye toward the regs in your state......
    which seem to be rather lenient compared to some that other members have to put up with.
    Ride responsibly, for yourself and the good of the sport!
  5. Pork chop,I'll be adding a governor to the motor 2 reduce power to 2 horses.And most peole and law here do not know the difference between a 2 hp china girl and a morini 5 hp.If I do not speed over 35 mph I got nothing to worry about.For now anyways.I may decide on the ezm honda or hua sheng 4 stroker which Is a legal 2 hp.I can always find ways to get It up there a lil":evilgrin:
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    All I can say is be careful. If you do the crime prepare to do the time. The fine at the least. In South Carolina, the engine can not be more than 2 horsepower. Does not matter if you have a governonr or not. It's the manufactures ratng that is considered here. No more than 50cc and the bike it's self can not be capable of more than 30 mph. So if my bike is capable of 50 mph and I never run it over 30, it's still illegal ! I alos found out after I had been riding my motor bike for several months that SC requires a brake light. I have a current driver's hand book and know for fact that I am 100% legal. So I definitely have nothing to worry about as far as law. So yeah, as someone mentioned earlier, just try to do things right and legal for the sake of motored bikes in general.
    By the way, I'm not familiar with the engine you said you were going to use. What kind of kit are you using ? Rack mount, frame mount, drive belt, chain ??? I have a friction drive from bikemotorparts with the 50cc engine off a Harbor Freight auger. Been riding it for about a year now and have only about 300 miles on it, but have been completely satisified so far. I spent right at an hour for instalation. Very simple build. And again, with only an hour to install I'm pleased with no problems so far. Point being, there are some good inexpensive kits out there. Glad you decided not to throw in the towel. Good luck !
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  7. I decided to keep It legal.Limit here In virginia Is 35.where I work at night Is some treacherous backroads and If you can't do 35 which Is the limit.You liable to be kissing lips and arse with a semi truck.Actually,Prokchop.I am debating between a morini 2 stroke,ezm,or thatsdax titan If he ever gets the Inside frame set up.I know rear mount Is easier and all.But,I am a die hard frame mount kinda guy.Just got off work today and really wore out from the 2 mile walk back.Catch you all later.
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    I understand ! I like the motorcycle look too. I've had a Grubee Starfire 50cc for about a year now and it has never been used. After I bouight it and read more about them I decided to go with the friction mount that I currently have. My bike is for pleasure only. I don't want something I have to work on as much as I ride or even more so. I'm not convinced on the China 2 strokes. I might use it one day, but if there is another build in my garage, it will most likely be a 4 stroke frame mount or rack mount with chain or belt drive, and most likely a Honda engine. My honda GX35 is a sweet engine, it just dosen't have enough power for me. But you know, I only put about 4 or 5 hours on that engine before reverting back to my Chinese 50cc. Maybe I didn't get it broken in enough to give it a good evaluation. But still, the Chinese engine is rated at .6 horse power more than the Honda. I don't know about you're experience with these small engines, but a half of a horse power makes a big difference. I might reinstall it and ride with it for a while longer. Shucks, it only takes about 15 minutes to replacae the engine on my BMP friction drive.
    Keep us posted. Good luck and I hope you build something simple, inexpensive and dependable that you'll be happy with. I did !
  9. Hey there,I am not covinced of these ht engines also porkchop.I already got a cheap schwinn set up for frame mount and will use a china girl on her being the bike Is worth only 100 bucks brand new.I'll have her built In 2 weeks.When I get my Income taxes I am ordering a worksman bicycle.Gonna be bout 500 bucks and take 5-6 weeks to build. but,It'll be a hand made american bicycle straight from the source.It's worth the money when they use 16 gauge framing and 11 gauge spokes.Built like a hum vee.I will keep It pedal power until I get enough saved up for an ezm with a honda or hua sheng or do a morini.But,That's future plans.Right now I just need to build something to get to work 2 miles back and forth.I am gonna try a dax 80 cc motor on this set up being I got all the parts and accessories to make It complete.Got a job so I can now splurge a lil" bit and buy that honda motor In a few weeks once I get a few paychecks under my belt.
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    Which Honda are you thinking about ? Click on the link below. This is where I got my Honda GX35. They have them right now for $195.00 The cheapest I found them locally was $350.00. Tewarehouse has the Honda 50cc for less than that. They also have free shipping on all their engines right now as well.