I did it, I crossed over

I'm going to buy some more of these for myself when I'm done with this set I'm building for other people. These look like they have a lot of potential with some upgrades. Heavier springs, better valves, better cam with more duration and slightly more lift, etc. These things could really rock. I could see getting 4.5 hp out of one these engines, and having it live.
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Got my first ever 4 stroke kit today. Now I have built mini bikes, put 212's on bikes, etc. This is the first 4 stroke kit engine I have ever bought. I'm building a bike for my midget apprentice. She's about 4' 8" and 90-100lbs. The bike I am using is a 26" girls huffy mountain bike. I is currently chopped up. I have to wait till she has time to come over so I can customize it to her. In stock form it was way to tall for her.

She has cut the top of the seat tube down. I was so proud of her for holding that torch. She was terrified of it, but she did it. I love to see a little lady out shine the boys. She will need a lot more practice with a cutting torch if she wants to get proficient at it.

I sliced off the top tube and top half of the drop outs. I believe I have it close enough, but don't know until I can measure her or have her next to the frame. It will be getting a handmade customized seat, with laser engraved etching ( done by yours truly), custom rims, maybe a slight rake on the forks ( maybe springers, maybe, not trying to go broke building a bike for her, lol), thumb throttle, speedo, and whatever customizations she wants.

I went with 4 stroke, merely because she is afraid of my bikes ( all smokers). She is completely terrified of them. Now most of us would just be like, " sweet, your MB can pop a wheelie." She's also never been on a motorcycle, I am going to change that next year. She will be getting on back and going for a Sunday jaunt.

My only stipulation for me paying for all of this ( I've offered this to all my friends male kids, none accepted) she has to help build it while I teach her all the tools.

When my pig goes to bed, I'll get some pics of the engine and bike up
Why did this young lady decide to do an apprenticeship, if she is afraid of all your bikes?
Why did this young lady decide to do an apprenticeship, if she is afraid of all your bikes?
She wants to learn the tools. Her dad, my big boss man, is rich. He don't have tools. He pays guys like me to do it. She isn't about money, and wants to thread her own way in life.

They had her doing office work. She hates it. Then they had her making kit, One of the guy's was stalking her. I stepped in, since no one else would. It was going on for weeks before I seen it.

And I moved her to a saw, set it up, showing her the procedures. Let her feed the saw and walked away. She liked the feel of it. She's been sheltered her whole life and she don't know how to break free. I'm helping her gain confidence and learn skills. And all because the boys are to lazy to come apprentice with me. She's getting a very tame 4 stroke bike. Nothing like my personal bikes. It will be customized to her tiny stature and her wanted look. I promised I'd pay for it all, if she helped build it, while learning the tools. She agreed.

So I'm figuring I'll drop a good 800 to a thousand to build it. Not worried about the money, her dad has given me industrial equipment that costs thousand of dollars, so it's really paying it forward and helping a little lady gain enough confidence to take on the world. I'm like the crazy uncle that teaches the kids everything their parents don't know. 😂
I totally spaced off telling her I had received her engine last week. Not to mention I have already stripped and put it back together. Little apprentice skipped work Friday, playing hooky. lol. She came up to me today asking when she can come back down and work on her bike. She told me what she has planned for it, and even the paint. I'm in for a grand easy, lol. She's not trying to take me to the cleaners, but she's going to make her bike hers I'll tell ya that.

Future midget metal worker has this in mind. She want's a red and black bike, that shimmers and maybe changes color the way you look at it.
( awww f*** kid, that paint is expensive stuff. At least $300 in paint.)

She doesn't want spokes, she wants black mags. She talked about painting the stripes red. She is unsure of what she wants etched on the seat, but it's going to be done by yours truly, with my laser cannon machine. Ok laser engraver/cutter.

Throttle will be red with black grips.

I asked about the pink streamers, she said, "maybe not."

I then double checked as I was walking away. Her retort was, " Pink goes great with green, we can put them on your bike." Lmfao. Maybe I will!!

So sorry bro, no pink streamers. @Heavyload
Well if you have the tools to paint with, the flip flop paint I just priced a couple months ago will run you $80-100/pint for everything needed paint wise. I'm glad she knows what she wants, think you better have a build thread on this as it progresses.