I discovered a good CHEAP chrome polishing agent

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  1. HEY GUYS, I am fixing up an abused 1991 Suzuki VS1400 GLP Intruder and discovered a GREAT chrome polish. It has scummy dull chrome. I brought in the headlight mount bracket and put some diatomacious earth on a sponge scrubber and it works like magic. It is interesting stuff. The diatoms were tiny creatures that are mined from old pond areas (I think) Their skeletons are mostly silicone. You can get 10 lbs. at pet stores for about $17 and it keeps fleas out of pet bedding. Additionally, it kills intestinal parasites in animals and people. It kills roaches, fire ants, and God knows what-all else.. I had it in the bathroom for denture cleaner. It is chemically just silicone, but the skeletons are sharp and abrasive. It dries out the roach body

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    I heard coke a cola works too