I don't have what it takes to be a US Navy SEAL

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    Everybody has heard of Jesse Ventura, and if you haven't your head has been in the sand ever since he entered The World Wresting Federation where he gained credibility, then moving onto his political career as state governor of Minnesota.
    Most people would know that the US Navy SEAL's are the most highly trained special forces mission teams, frequently travelling around the world under state secrecy to execute covert missions and take out the enemy on high risk; high value targets.

    This quote says it all about life as a Navy SEAL.

    Ventura has frequently referred to his military career (ex Navy SEAL) in public statements and debates. He was criticized by hunters and conservationists for stating in an interview with the Minneapolis StarTribune in April 2001; he said "Until you have hunted men, you haven't hunted yet".

  2. It doesn't take a seal to hunt men ask Bathsheba or Delilah.
  3. Or the Alpo queen....Jesebel
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    Jessie ventura Is a hardened atheist like my father was In vietnam as a point man for a 10 month tour.War and extreme training tends to make some people hard.And while I respect Jessie ventura.I Think at times he can be rash and dogmatic.But,He did good by minnesota.So who am I to judge.I hunt animals on occasion.But that does not make me a man and jessie tends to think due to the undeclared wars and training as a seal that killing men makes you a man.Many vets after war or elite service as seals or green berets get used to the battlefield and sadly enough.Never get training or help to cope with civilian life after the military.I was 4 years navy engineer and seen people go awol or nutty and jump off a ship to be sucked up by a turbine engine and turned Into sea chowder.Also depends on the person and their nature.I know 3 ex seals here who are the most friendliest kindest people you could ever meet.Guess It depends on the person's psyche.
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    That was darn funny.....I wonder if anyone else got it.