i dont know roulpoad photos &files teach me PLEASE!?

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  1. I can't seem to upload any photos or files when I'm posting, I click on upload and it gives me many options but none of them have the photos in there that I want to post.
    Can anyone shine some light on this topic for me or explain to me or tell me or show me how to upload images.
    I have even contacted the website the webmaster or in town who runs the farm and asked how to do this?
    ANYBODY PLEASE HELP ME TO UPLOAD I have been trying to do it for so long I even tried it with that Photobucket that didn't work on/withPicasa

  2. Anton

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    The easiest way is to Drag and Drop the file straight into the editor from your computer. All you need to do is click and hold on the file, then drag it into your browser and drop it straight into the text editor. The photo will automatically upload as an attachment to your message.

    There are other options too.

    Option 1. Upload Photos & Files:

    Click the "Upload Photos & Files" button below the post. Navigate to the folder on your computer with the files. They must have file extensions of png, jpg, jpeg, jpe or gif.

    Option 2. Upload photos from Photobucket:
    Click the "Image" button and paste the URL to the image on Photobucket.

    Here's a photo showing which buttons to press on the editor for options 1 an 2.
    upload photos.jpg


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  3. My problem is getting my pictures from my phone to my computer then
  4. I tried photobucket its not working. I don't get it because I've never had problems posting pictures before
  5. Anton

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    Plug in your phone and copy the photos across. You may need to install software depending on the type of phone.
  6. Anton

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    Post a link in this thread to one of your photobucket photos/albums and I'll try it out.
  7. That's the problem, ,when I click to attach anything. Photobucket isn't even an option. From everything you've told me thinking about it it's got to be my phone.
  8. Anton

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    You need to copy the URL to your photo on Photobucket and then paste it into the "Image URL" box.

    1. Log into Photobucket
    2. Find your photo
    3. Copy the URL to the photo
    4. Paste the URL into the "Image URL" box that appears when you click the "Image" button.
    5. Image is retrieved from Photobucket and uploaded to your thread on the forum :cool:
  9. Thanks I'll try it later when I have time