:( i feel like a dirty murderer now :(

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  1. HeadSmess

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    :lol: KILLED IT! :lol:

    and i inserted the blade all of two months ago :eek: hows that for bulletproof? running like a trooper with a raw gaping wound to the heart...

    and if i hadnt pulled it apart....welll, it woulda gotten a few more days i guess... albeit roughly. it was feeling a lil under the weather...

    so what did i do?

    i sorta feel like playing a guessing game and seeing who can work it out :)

    (p.s, this isnt exactly a problem for me, other than losing me transport for a day or two. just amusing....and sorta embarrassing too...)

  2. xxSLiMxx

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    I dont get what your trying to tell us?
  3. motorpsycho

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    what the **** are you talking about????
  4. This right here. ^^
  5. HeadSmess

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    what am i trying to say?

    meh, being stupid.


    if you shave your cylinder by 2mm for whatever reason, then reduce the edge of the piston to suit... dont forget about the head gasket. i did :(

    top ring disintergrated, massive gouge in the barrell from the ring locating pin coming out, section of the crown missing where the ring went into the port....

    bottom ring squashed into groove and absolutely no compression.

    it isnt the sort of death i intended... :(

    meh, replaced and forgotten about...
  6. srdavo

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    Care to guess what caused this???

    here's a recent one I killed....


    (sorry for the blur) All that metal fell into the bottom end.
    I was able to salvage the piston & head.

    It was part of this bike. 011.jpg
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  8. HeadSmess

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    davos done a better job than i did :( looks like a connecting rod went somewhere its not meant to be...

    ill get a pic together sooner or later...

    this could be the "engine morgue" thread i guess...