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    Hey guys, I've been lurking around here for maybe a week now and have become addicted to the wealth of information. I found out about this site shortly after i ordered a PK"80" and am quite glad! I currently attend Cal Poly in SLO as an engineer, so naturally I love to tinker around with stuff (that is in California by the way).

    I installed my motor on a 19 year old Marin Pine Mountian lightweight mountian bike which has remained in remarkably good condition with minimal problems (I ended up buying a new rear wheel because the 32 spokes did not agree with the 9 holes on the sprocket :cry:, that and it took me forever to get the sprocket straight). Call me lazy, instead of cutting up some bike tubes to put under mounting brackets i just wrapped some duct tape around my frame, but whether or not this will slip will be discovered soon enough.

    I'm currently using Chevron 2 stroke oil at 16:1 which i am assuming is synthetic (it turns your gas blue, and hey guess what I'm using chevron gas too!), but apparently I'm not supposed to break my engine in with synthetic, or use full synthetic at all in a 2 stroke for that matter. I'm not exactly sure where to get not synthetic kind of stuff honestly, but I guess I'll try to GET IN THE ZONE, Autozone sometime soon. That and/or a motorcycle place. Possibly I'm being harsh on my engine for its break-in period too, I rode it a good 11 miles today and went WOT without even realizing it quite a few times. I had the odd immature urge to keep up with the cars passing me by. I don't have my speedometer installed yet because its on my road bike and i need to get a second mount. It seems like the engine is running ok, but I don't have anything else to compare it to. It feels like its losing power at the top end and sounds like its not quite able to reach it's peak RPM, but again I have nothing to compare it to.

    I stop too many other students on campus when walking the thing around, and a classmate wants to get one of these things now too!

    My spark plug looks a bit carbonesque, though I've read that this has to do with the entire synthetic oil thing unless you rejet your carb, which wouldn't be bad if i could just find a definite number and a place to get one, or access to one of the machine shops on campus.

    I am definitely going to replace that cheapo chinese petcock with a quality one soon because that **** leaks like a ****. It looks like its about the only part on my bike so far thats leaking, but then again I've had it running for like 4 days now.

    I think a few more tools aside from my two adjustable wrenches, a size 2 phillips, various flatheads, and pliers that I used to entirely assemble my kit in order to properly maintain this thing. What do you guys recommend?

    By the way, here is an image of my bike before I finished it. Apologizes for the miserable flash.

    I had a few more things on my mind to write about but I think stopping it here for now is good.
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    welcome ravo

    glad to hear that you are up and running and sharing the experience of MBs

    yes - from what I have heard around here
    synthetic oils for the break in period are a NO NO
    there's much talk about (quality) oils here
    you can find regular (standard) 2-stroke oils at many places
    all auto stores and gas stations or even WalMart

    yes running at 16:1 will put a little carbon on the plug
    no big deal -- perfect for your break in period

    have fun as you
    ride that thing
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    welcome ravo, im a local around you there. i run synthetic oil, from new, and yes it took a while to seat the rings. but when i posted about the synthetic at breakin i got answers going both ways. what i get is stay with the oil you started with, synthetic,not,castor,cheapo, whatever, stay with it. sent you a pm. lets get together and compare and go for a ride. HEY!! DO A WHEELIE! hill climber
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    You can definitely switch from any type of oil to any other type, whenever you'd like. The old wives tale about not being able to go back to regular dino after you've used synthetic is bull.

    I'm fairly confident that using synthetic during the first gallon or two during break-in won't really allow for your engine to BREAK in. After that, it's your choice... but I'm not too sure if any synthetic or semi-synthetic is really any better than the cheap stuff for a 2-stroke. I bought the synthetic in bulk, but I really wish I was done with it so I could try one engine with nothing but regular dino.

    Oh yea... congratulations on your own thread!! And welcome home!