I feel sorry for people who live in California

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    You guys have different emission standards, which limits your choice and makes things more expensive - and coming next year, you will have strict standards for TV sets.

    That's right folks, TV sets! The bankrupt bureaucrats in Cali passed regulations (last year) that impose "efficiency standards" on television sets. Phase 1 starts in 2011 and "Phase 2" in 2013. Currently, there are only two plasma TV's that will be compliant in 2011 - so while they didn't ban plasma TV's, they regulated them out of existence. (hahaha - 49 state legal TV's, who would have figured.....) So it looks like you guys have to buy the more expensive LCD TV's with inferior picture quality. When "Phase 2" kicks in, you will need to light a candle and put it in a small holder in the back of the set for the LCD backlighting.

    Buy your plasma TV's while you can, I don't think they can take them away from you....yet.....


    Because I'm a "noob" you will need to copy the link in between the tags and paste them in your browser. Nanny state forum settings too........
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    Are you sure? I think a candle may make to many chlorofluorocarbons.
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    Yes, the left coast has gone government crazy. Beautiful state, great weather, no way I'm gonna live there, but I don't care what they do, so long as they leave me out.

    There is something called Natural Law. Natural Law doesn't give a darn about color, creed, religion, status or nationality, it doesn't care about fairness or compassion, it is totally indifferent about any suffering that it inflicts due to its violation. It's a sleeper because there are no Natural Law police, courts or judges but it's always there and always slowly and quietly being enforced. It is inescapable and the penalty for violating Natural Law is worse than death, it is EXTINCTION!

    California is violating Natural Law by allowing a government to exist that consumes more resources than that states economy can sustain. They have become bloated, totally absorbed with their own importance, drunk with regulatory power and a nanny state.

    The Reaper Cometh!
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    Cometh H3ll, He's here already, just checkin' out where to start first!
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    Well, we are doing our part up here. We just signed on to help Canada join the US with one vehicle emissions for all. No more California only emissions.

    That's quite alright. No need to thank us. The auto makers were standing side by side with enviromentalists cheering. The tree huggers got what they want and the auto thugs can now shove thier hand deeper into our pockets.

    Kerf, how big do water moccasins get????

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    Gentlemen, if you really want to know what is going on in california, Just follow the money trail....... I live in the Golden(less) State (LOL) and I cant buy a HT engine legally,own a MEGA large LCD Television, nor an .50 Cal rifle (except black powder) or "assault weapon" . Heck at this rate they are even going to take my classic car away (60's Mustang) as a "Gross Poluter". Oh well I guess I could move but at this rate all my Calif. laws will follow me to my new state....... Note- this my opinion and I am not talkin' politics either....
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    Not big, some have been found over 6 feet, most under 3 feet. Talk'n bout this makes me long for the days of the reptile farm. These quaint businesses were setup on the main routes to Florida and designed to fleece the pockets of our Yankee cousins heading out on vacation.

    Lewis Grizzard used to write about this Southern tradition in his column. Said you could always spot the Yankees by the Bermuda shorts, black over the calf stretch socks and sandals. They stopped at "Lucky Joe's Reptile Farm" and payed $2 a head to watch Lucky Joe wrestle his dog that he painted to look like an alligator. God I love Yankees.
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    Kerf, we moved from Canada to Florida in 1953. That was when I learned to love the South. Kind of love at first sight of Spanish Moss.

    That was the peak of the road side shows. I remember watching Authentic Seminole Indians wrestle live alligators. At that young age I noticed that the ASI had to wake the alligator up so he could wrestle it. Couple of time though the alligator was awake and waiting. That was an exciting match. Nothing much meaner than a ticked off gator. Just my ex wives and they would make a gator run for cover.

    We being Canadian, blended right in with the locals. First thing you learn as a kid is that skeeters and black flies are attracted white so after a long winter any kid with short sleeves and short was thought to from Ohio {we lived in a tourist area}.

    Gotta tell you we loved yankees too. They came up to my parents fish camp, dressed just like you described and had the latest fishing gear and a new tackle box full of lures and ready to fish. My brother and I would set them up with a boat/motor and tell them what to do. The second day we had to wait until they were all on the water and then go rescue them because they forgot to open the air vent on the gas tanks.

    They used to bring their days catch in and then pay us to clean them. Cheap A$$ Canadians did it themselves. Want to guess who got pointed to personal fishing spots?

    Guess three foot or six foot, a bite would put a crimp in your day. Saw a few in the water when we lived in Fla. but we weren't allowed to fish any where but the ocean. My Uncle was a State Veternarian there and he filled my folks in pretty much.

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    I agree with you Seanhan !!!!!!!!
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    Well I was born in San Francisco and left the city by the bay back in 91 when the snack tax was being implemented a major earth quake hit us in 89 and commuting was a constant nightmare so I became an apartment manager to stop that nonsense! Truth be told... weed will save the day when they start taxing us to death on everything including weed... Wa state is proposing the same lame tax of certain snacks.. are freedoms are gone, done and extinct... more to come as I have said before but too tired to haarp on it... cant wait to see how health reform ends up!
  12. Gh0stRider

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    I don't think legalizing and taxing weed, or alcohol, tobacco, etc. - above and beyond the taxes imposed on other items is the answer to anything. Legalize weed? Sure, why not - but the stoners give tax revenue as justification for legalization which discredits the effort IMO. As far as health care reform goes, bendover for a VAT tax to fund the massive spending.

    Back on topic - Just got my new plasma TV set up on the new TV stand, which cost more than the damm TV - which is why it took me so long to upgrade. Power consumption on the old 27" CRT set was 110 Watts according to the old "Kill-A-Watt" meter. The new set draws about 195 Watts on average, if I crank the brighness up to max, it'll draw almost 300 Watts. But at the "normal" setting, it is less than 200 Watts. IMO, the extra 85 Watts of power are to be expected for the increase in viewing area. I doubt I'll notice a difference in my utility bill as a result.

    Stock up on regular 100 Watt light bulbs too. They won't meet efficiency standards in 2012, so they will go away. You'll need to buy those squiggly mercury containing CFL's that take 5 minutes to warm up to full brightness. Perfect for your closet, basement, or anywhere else you use lighting for short periods of time - which shortens the life of CFL bulbs. Yes we can!
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    We need ......................

    A 20 million man march on D.C. , kinda like what they call a Flashmob today
    it would disable the entire capital !!! using the power of the internet to organize... And Play that Twisted Sister song " WERE NOT GONNA TAKE IT "
    It's time to take it back while there is still somthing left....
    Man how did things get this f ed up ????????????????
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    Things get screwed up because we get too comfy with what we got....then they slowly take it all away. It's like that science experiement take a frogs won't know its being cooked alive IF you slowly tun up the water temp 1 degree per day. A hundred plus days later you have cooked frog.
  15. seanhan

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    Good frog analogy

    Except mabe should have used a Goose !!!!!

    Yea it's called a Evolution not a Revolution..
    It's amazing how if change happens slowly we don't notice it as much !!!

    Let's just nuke it all right now !!!!! Like on planet of the Apes when chuck set off the nuke to kill all the apes !!!!!!!

    Oh wait a second we can't nuke anything becuse of wonderful pres. just gave away all our nukes and promised the whole world the we will never use our remaining ones even if attacked !!!!!

    Remember "Ape shall not kill Ape "
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    California is a whole another country. English is a second language.
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    Yo Quiero Taco Bell ??? LOL
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    Here in San Francisco, everythings a mess. The streets are garbage while the local transit system cuts back to the point that I needed to build my Mb just to get to work. I ride at night though and return in the early morning so no one seems to really notice me though I do get my share of drunken, stoned freaks riding down good old hippy Haight St. The city transit system know as MUNI has deleted service by rail to my neck of this town replacing it with bus service that fails to meet the needs of late night workers but now I ride my Mb and try to avoid getting flattened by those same MUNI buses,lol. Yet, I have to say that here in SF; we get to ride in bicycle lanes and paths making the ride a little safer though of course to some of these stoned out drivers that bicycle lane is also a car lane to turn left from the right hand lane. On Haight St. last night, I had to nearly ride the double yellow line to avoid getting hit by swerving cabbies, the #71 and #43 buses, and drunken sops staggering in the street. Just like last week,lol. It's about time to get a video camera to tape this ride because I usually need a few cigarettes (the real enemy here) just to cope with the trauma of this ride. :ack2:
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    For california to be so energy efficient and so environmentally friendly I wonder why los angeles and 7 other cities In california rank In the top ten of most polluted cities In the united states.I went to venice beach and the water was a nasty grey color.Not blue like you see In the movies.California=communistic dictatorship
  20. I didn't go to the beach but going across California from Vegas to San Jose was pretty clean and nice looking once you got across the desert...there's just too many dang people in La. 2000 census population (rank): 3,694,820 only large city in the US is NY

    Napa Valley is pretty clean lookin as well.