I found a bike shop that is NOT hostile to MB's!

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    I tried about a half dozen shops before I came across one that were not openly hostile to MB's. It is just weird how the spandex types hate us isn't it? I found a shop that has more of a mountain bike emphasis, it seems that the street racer cyclists have an unreasonable chip on their shoulder.

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    Yeah, it is weird. There is one real bicycle shop in town, and the owners are card-carrying members of the SS - spandex stormtroopers. Guy doesn't really even want to deal with me regarding a trike, unless it is a full-blown, high-dollar recumbent.

    Fortunately, across the river in Bossier City there is a shop with a much more relaxed attitude - that owner is into old bikes, handles several varieties of recumbents and trikes, and services e-bikes (which he also sells). I talked with him recently about my trike ideas, and he's really interested - to the point where he was making component suggestions, loved my gas/electric hybrid idea, and told me he will help with getting some good wheels on it.

    But then, this is a guy whose back shop has a metal lathe, a CNC mill, and a 5 axis mill - if he can't get a part, he'll make one. He's 72 years old, has been in the bike business for 56 years, and says he hopes when it is time to go he drops dead in his shop.
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    your lucky, i only have one bike shop within 100 miles, but i always know what i need,these guys are really kinda snobby i never say motor, only bike. they did like the idea of my grocery getting trailer. i never ask a hard core road biker for advice on a motorized bike. it's like , if you don't pedal, you ain't a real man. i used to think like that too, in my twenties, thirties, but at mid forties, my thinking changed, the little motor looks very attractive, plus it allows me to keep my slight belly. although i would have allways loved to have had a motorized bicycle, at any age, i must admit.
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    The college town in San Luis Obispo (forgot the name of the shop) and Bikeland in Cypress are the only two shops that didn't pretend we were invisible.
  5. That's good that you found one....Most of the time Bike shops look down at motored bikes....Also, don't know if you ever noticed or not but most scooter stores and motorcycle shops look down on motored bikes too....thinking they are just cute toys! Hmmm Like Rodney Dangerfield our motored bikes "get no respect" ;-) HA

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    My most recent experience was very positive. Although I have been going to this one bike shop for a few years I was curious as to how they would treat me when I showed up with my motor bike. I was looking for a mirror and fenders. The mirror was a bust so they took that back. When it came to the fenders though, the shop owner said, "bring it in and lets see what works." They were all ooh and aah over the engine mount and thought it quite neat. Well they set me up with some nice fenders and even installed the front one for me; no charge. He said I was on my own for the rear tho as I have a friction drive which I figured out quickly at home. They also took my wheel and matched up some spare spokes for me (they're an oddball size) to have on hand in an emergency.
    Another shop in town, while not snotty, wasn't overly helpful either. They would say, "well bring it in and we'll see what works." And when I come in they look at the motor and give me an "I don't think we'll have anything for that" kind of attitude and go off to other customers. What ever happened to the shop where the guy would go into a back room, dig through some boxes and come up with something and say, "how about this?"
    I own a Schwinn and when I went to the local Schwinn dealer looking for parts one time the guy there (in his customer devoid shop) said, "That's a department store bike. I can't help you with that one. I can't even get parts for those." And it wasn't in a friendly or appologetic tone. Yet there were a couple just like it in his inventory! Sure they were a different color. But the same bike. Never went there again. And that was a while ago before I ever thought about a motor bike. So the motor wasn't the problem.
    It seems it's just the people that run the shops. Ya wanna make sales, ya treat the customers fairly and they'll come back and refer friends. Simple! But I guess some shops just want to sell $5000 dollar bikes and $100/hr. repairs. Along with grossly overpriced parts and accessories. The shop I bought my fenders from...$25US. Same price as on line and no shipping. I think this shop will be in business for as long as they WANT to be. Oh and one other thing. This weekend is a Triathalon, a major annual event here, and ALL the shops are busy with the racers. Yet they still found time to help me with my MotoredBike!
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    I was going to walk into this bikeshop across town and ask to have my tires mounted when they arrive by mail. i was going to just bring in the rims so the SS (lol) doesnt give me ****. I have never had this done before. they are just two 26" rims and i will bring the tires, tubes, and liners with me. What should I expect to pay? I just want to make sure they dont smell a newb and overcharge me. :-/ Im like 30 miles north of nuttsy.
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    I'm involved in several hobbies but I gotta say, the cycle shops are the worst offenders for being elitists.

    One of my hobbies is building/flying model airplanes. A newbie with no money can come in with a 75 dollar airplane and get treated with the same respect as an indvidual who flies a 15,000 dollar multi engine jet powered plane.

    My first suspension fork was a Judy and I went to a bike shop to get something for it and I was laughed at by the employees. THey shouted outloud, "look at this old technology" and repeatedly told me to buy new shocks.
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    if they are large wide tires for say a mountainbike or beach cruiser you can do it by hand, no tools. Just put the tube on the rim and put the cap on the valve. put the tube in the tire and push the tires lip under the rim's press all the way around till it's on.
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    I have to admit I never respected a man wearing spandex pants anyway, they are always good for a laugh though.
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    The 2 bike shops in my area hate my HT and love my GEBE and Staton. I'm on good terms with both shops. Both owners tell me if theres anything smuggled in from china its "bad blood" as far as their concerned. I gave them the MBC web site address 4 months ago and to my surprise they have become very "aware and positive" to what we are up to. I advise them if they are smart, they had better jump aboard because the MB tsunami is coming.

    Hi Dave and Stevo, I know your watching:cool:
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    I'm quite friendly with my local bike shop, but they don't cater too much for the spandex wearing type.