I found an interesting killswitch/anti theft technique

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Sheik Yerbouti, Mar 2, 2008.

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  2. hot70cc

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    I hope your not talking about mounting this on a bike are you??? Cause if so if i wanted to steel a bike i would just pick it up and put in over my shoulder, and run away.
  3. Then I will chase you down and cause some mad drama.
    It would be spectacular.
  4. Well, it'll be chained. Just sort of an extra precaution.
  5. srdavo

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    *2nd chain & pitbull not included*

  6. azbill

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    cool switch tho
    added to my favorites
  7. eltatertoto

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    thats pretty neat! and considering both my kill switches broke i might get this. i really like the look, and if i mount to the bars or somthin, my keys wont stab me in the leg!:grin: and plus it kinda contributes to the look. ~added feature~ it keeps my little bro from taking it, and joyriding!
  8. eltatertoto

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    are you sure this will work, before i buy it? like right volts? cause i have a switch that wont work, im thinking either 2 low volts or 2 high? or mabey wire is fried. also, normally closed means???? im a noob with wires. wich will kill the engine when i take out the key? normally closed or open?
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  9. hot70cc

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    If your man enouph, lololololol,
    But in all reality i am not the theft type, never have never will.
  10. hot70cc

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    If its chained , then what is the need for the switch, sorry just trying to see the need for a switch. No need if it is chained, If they wanted it bad enough, like i said they would cut the chain then throw it on the back of a truck then there it goes.
  11. Negative Nancy.
  12. Alaskavan

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    If you want an off/on switch that thieves won't deal with, just put a toggle switch inside a metal box where you have to stick a finger in through a small hole to flip the switch. A thief would be too paranoid to do it.
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  13. Funny how the thing that worries me the most about locking up my bike is that it only takes a second for some #$%^# to make off with my gas cap and %$^* in my tank.
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    ANYTHING u can do to help prevent the theft of your bike must be a bonus.My household contents insurance also covers the theft of my biike but i still use a kill switch and good wire cable/padlock.Simple money doesn't replace love or the X amount of hours taken building something.
  16. hot70cc

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    ???? Not Negative<just proving the facts. Bikes are different than motorcycles, like 400 lbs + different, If someone wanted a motorized bike they could take it very easy unless it was chained to a pole. i don't see the need for a key switch , its basically pointless. The only reason for a key switch is to take the place for a kill switch NOT A THEFT SYSTEM. It's easier to push a button than to turn a key sorry again MO
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  17. tbeeghly

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    The keyed killswitch will look awesome, my Whizzer had one, it added some motorcycle style to it. Get one, Jon.
  18. eltatertoto

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    just bought 2 last night!, like i said earlier, if ur friends/little bro takes ur bike alot, u just take the key out! will work great when im at the park and stuff, i just leave it sit and keep an eye on it, and then when they try to start it theyle tire themselves out and i can hold them down for the cops to come! my only worry is that my key vibrates out. i might mod it where i can take my key out either way.
  19. Tell me how they work out.
  20. eltatertoto

    eltatertoto Guest

    i put it on, and it works great! i was thinkin of mounting uit under the seat, but then i thought about quick kill. so i am gonna get a project box from radio shack, and mount to the bars.