I got a bike - but, will an engine fit on it?



Hey guys,

I picked up a bike yesterday, thinking it's the classic cruiser-bike you guys seem to build into your machines.

However, as I was looking it over, I began to get some doubts over the frame.

In this photo, check out the bottom crossbar that says "Supercycle" on it, as it angles up to the handlebars. It seems not to follow a straight line up, but changes direction on the way up - would this prevent a guy from mounting an engine inside the space?

Looks good to me! :) Nice looking bike. The downtube may have more of a bend than most, but it should be just dandy! :)
nice Axe in background. Im partial to Les Pauls :D

You're sure that bend isn't too much? The other bikes I see on here seem to have a straighter tube - in photos, the difference didn't seem like much, but now that I have the bike in my living room, I have some doubts.

Thanks about the guitar...heh. It's a 1985 Fender Stratocaster. I almost traded it for my friend's 1974 Les Paul, but the damn thing was so heavy, I decided against it. Plus, I'm partial to the Fenders. ;)
it looks like it will fit, but the only way to know for sure, is to put an engine there 8)
(some people take their engine with them when they pick out a bike) :eek:
I believe there are posts about fender mounting issues (mounting tabs breaking n stuff) that you might want to look through :)
looks like it will make a sweet motored bike (nice colour scheme)...notice the u added to color(I am a canadian born n raised) :D :D :D

Thanks guys.

To be honest with you, I was thinking of painting the whole thing red. There's a post on the board here about board track bikes - I watched the Youtube video linked on it, and I was inspired by one of the antique bikes I saw. It was all red (I think an Indian) and it had all-white tires.

It looked really cool, I thought. My plan was to originally go all-black, but now I really dig the red.

I was going to get a springer-fork to go on the front, too. Are those things expensive? Does it appear that they'd fit on this bike?

I'm pretty excited about this whole project.

I have a similar frame and it fit in just fine. My tubes were too thin and I used spacers, and the angle is a bit low and the engine will be really low in the frame, but it looks unique and makes the bike balance well.
springer forks go for 119 on ebay
if you like old school try www.firebikes.com (canadian builder with some excellent stuff, but pricey)
they make a boardtrack bike for about a grand that is bea-u-ti-ful
8) 8) 8)