I got a gx 35 surprise today

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    My little Honda has performed flawlessly with everything it has gone thru. Mind you nothing harsh, no jackrabbit starts,
    pedal up before throttle, etc. etc. But this one has me scratchin my head.

    After the last few runs, my little girl seemed to feel sick, Hard to start, yeah a little cold out but nothing extreme, but ran fine.

    I also found that she was a little more thirsty for oil lately

    About time to pull the spark plug and see how my little girl is doing. After all she's my baby.

    Lo and behold here is about a 3/16 th of an inch hole in my valve cover.
    Now I know why oil was leaking onto the gas tank this last week. I pulled the cover and found that the
    timing belt pulley or something from below had scraped the inside of the cover and poked the aforementioned hole. I also found a couple of
    pieces of plastic parts, or what's left of them, stuck to the inside of the cover from the oil.

    After I plugged myself into the battery charger to restart my heart, I pulled on the recoil. Locked tight.
    Pulling the starter off I could rotate the crank around by hand, so at least she ain't seized up.

    Also now she won't start ( disconnected kill wire at the motor ) Wants too but only managed a few turns before the dang
    re-engaged killing her.

    Now she is sitting in the garage, carburetor flooded, pretty red cover on the floor, busted starter ( I think ), two mysterious
    pieces of plastic sitting next to my tool box, and me bawling my eyes out because my little girl is hurtin' bad.

    If anyone out there had this problem before, please help me out here. I am crying for my baby to be whole again.

    Life will never be the same without Her.

    This all happened within 2 hours of a short 3 mile ride BTW and I can't figure this one out

    You guys and gals have been a godsend to a noob like me in the past and I thank you for it.

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  2. Quadranut

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    found some other stuff

    Upon further investigation the following has been determined

    Rotating the crank by hand I saw the top timing gear come into view. At least 3/4 of it. The other 1/4 is rattling around in the
    crankcase somewhere. The timing belt don't look too bad, but I don't trust my eyesight in low lighting. So far approximately 150 bucks to fix

    seems kinda high for a 239 dollar motor. But hey maybe I can fix it myself...................yeah right a total engine rebuild on the garage floor with
    a pair of vice grips, a busted flat tip screwdriver, and a 10 year old roll of duct tape.


    She's my baby and I will bring her back to life

    The saga continues

    Any ideas y'all got would be greatly appreciated


  3. IbedaYank

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  4. Quadranut

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    Hey Thanks IbedaYank

    Much appreciated. Jack's looks like they deal with a lot of different stuff. Much more than I can find locally.

    little more update

    the gear pin is also busted ( I found the other half of it when I emptied out the crankcase)

    I will call Jack's Monday and see if that gear is an assembly or are there other parts. ( See this is what happens when you swing a hammer for 30 + years instead of getting greasy and fixing motors )

    I was also wondering if you knew how to set the timing, or if you could point me in the right direction. I do know that, at least I think I know, that the piston has to be TDC and the intake cam should be ready to open, but how to determine that without taking the head off ?

    BTW no shavings, pieces, or otherwise got into the cams as far as I can see. Thank the MB Gods for that
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  5. Old Bob

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    There is triangle mark on the flywheel and another triangle mark on the cam.When both are pointing straight up its in time.
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  6. Quadranut

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    Red < ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is going back to the garage to check this out

    Thanks Bob
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  8. grinningremlin

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    I'd buy another one (used or new), get back on the road, then rebuild the broke one or save it as a parts engine.OR find a R/S EHO35 and be done with it.
  9. Quadranut

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    Thanks Sub but I like the motor the way it was out of the box. Except now LOL I think I will do a little tinkering. BTW the end results from the blow up a couple of weeks ago

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  10. Quadranut

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    Then it should be pretty easy to fix then Don't ya think ? :jester:

    And I don't think a v4 would fit on my bike :grin5:

    BTW Sub you have any ideas on how to get the camshaft out ? Just asking before I start tearing into it


  11. Old Bob

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    Push the pin (its labeled as axle in the exploded drawing from Honda) out the front.

    The cam should drop down, then pull the belt to the front of the engine and pull the sprocket assembly upwards working the belt off as you go.

    In the picture is looks like there is some damage to the front part of the hole, try to push the pin back and open the hole with a reamer.
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  12. HeadSmess

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    thats nasty.

    a honda shouldnt do that. methinks a careful double check on engine numbers etc might uncover a chinese clone.

    a common saying regards honda...easy to say, hard to fix.

    oh, they make great engines and they are relatively easy to work on, but parts are expensive, and in my experience...once a honda develops troubles, they wont ever go away.

    you may find, with a full strip down, that something un-foreseen is bent, damaged, broken and the dollars quickly start adding up.

    mind you, i only have a gx25 and im not about to tear it apart.

    im with GG. buy a new one. keep what you have, fiddle with it, pull it down, try and fix it, keep it for spares, etc... use it as a learning aid now.
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  13. Old Bob

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    Not a bad idea, the only thing that could get damaged is the oil dipper, that is the only part in the sump.The oil system in the Honda is separated from the crankcase so the damage would be minimal.
    look at the cases on the carb side, it should say Honda GX35 if its genuine Honda.
    In all the years since the OHC was introduced I've never heard of a cam breaking.
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  14. HeadSmess

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    i was at a concreting supply place and they had a sign up showing the larger gx200 etc, and a few of the "cloned" examples. warranty purposes and all that.

    not just the fact that they say the engine number, but the whole way the numbers are written, and casting quality all combined together.

    i havent had a good look at a 35, but something about the amount of flash on the cambeltcase seam there, doesnt ring honda to me.

    i could be entirely wrong :biggrinjester:

    i havent heard of cloned gx35s yet! the robin is cloned by huasheng
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  15. Old Bob

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    The M4 range only have Honda and GX35 cast in, no stamping like on larger engines.

    More than one copier of the Honda M4 engines out there.
    A company using the trade name Superior did clone several Honda M4 engines including the GX35.

    The give away is the red shroud is not red red like Honda
    but an orangish red.
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  16. Quadranut

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    Thanks Old Bob and HeadSmess

    Never thought about a cloned engine

    As you are more edumacated than I am about what and what isn't a genuine Honda.

    Heads ? I will be taking another look at that flashing, Of course it could be my camera mount shakin around too ya know :grin5:

    Old Bob

    The Cam looks good as far as I can tell, It's the gear that took a chit on me and busted out the rocker arm ( rocker arm being the one in front of the gear in the pic along with a big chunk of gear )
  17. Old Bob

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    The cam and sprocket are molded together as a unit. you replace the whole thing, what you see in the front of
    the sprocket is actually the compression release arm. The rocker arm looks to be intact.There is also a smal spring as
    part of the compression release, it could be in the sump, I would definatly run a magnet through the sump if not
    splitting the case to clean the entire sump.
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  18. Quadranut

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    Old Bob

    Thank you for pulling my head out of the rafters and making me look at how to salvage what I have

    bottom end was what I had in mind and taking care of business is what I am up too.

    Magnets and all. Unfortunately, the gear is NOT made of metal, so a " case cracking " I do believe is inevitable

    Thanks again for your insight

  19. flybywire

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    Any Update?

    I've had a very similar issue with my GX35 - see pic

    How did you get on, did you manage to get yours repaired?

    BTW mine is a genuine Honda unit fitted to a brush cutter bought from an authorised Honda dealer.

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  20. Old Bob

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    Pics are too small to see anything.