I got external spock but no ignition.

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  1. I can do the redneck test take the plug out put the boot back on ground it to the engine turn the cam got spark put it back in and no ignition been through 3 CDIs 4 mags f***ing hate it :(.Some myth I heard the motor is made of putter metal and that medal is made from chinese bug piss fluid and I had a short from a dynamo to the motor when I first noted problems and that the metal is like alive with a memory charge and it still retains the shock distortion prior and its thinking is all f*** up similar to using pesticide around a chinese motor it will kill it like a bug seen it in Nam air tanker flew over some pesticide over spray and all the motorize bikes died right then and there the pilot just galk at the zoological explanation. Anyone have any remidies? :confused:
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  2. Street Ryderz

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    When you say 4 mags? Did you replace the wire loop and magnet?
  3. crassius

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    I doubt ignition is your problem.
  4. Nate888

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    i wonder if maybe you've been too aggressive with the starter fluid and flooded your engine, plus plunged yourself into the confused depravity of an ether binge? that happened to me one time when I tried to use starter fluid as paint stripping fluid and got all disoriented from the ether so it took hella longer

    motors aren't made from 'bug piss,' even in China, and the Vietnam thing seems totally unrelated (anyway, they probably were surprised and killed the motors by letting off gas or clutch, no direct effect of pesticides on the motor evident)
  5. BikeMan2

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    Sounds flooded to me
  6. jaguar

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    compression requires more voltage to spark than the required voltage in free air.
    troubleshooting the ignition system: http://www.dragonfly75.com/motorbike/testCDI.html

    But if the plug is completely wet or dry then the engine is too rich or lean for any combustion to occur.
  7. Thanks for the link. But will it help?
  8. I use to use ether for chemical combustion laser use to kill Mormons and their troglodyte allieds only reason why my fake relatives let me use it was because it causes memory loss, thats what they are really into for kleptomaniac purposes it never happen it never existed you ere never a billoniar EITHER!
    But the Nam sh*t happen was there saw it too also general contractors come out and scream at me we know you use a lot of pesticide but dont use any around the cement mixer has a chineese motor and it ill kill it you be out of a job. About 2 or 3 times herd storie like that.
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  9. Also, I had a brand new 80cc shanghai motor due to the memory loss I mix the oil and gas in a pesticide jug not 1 drop in it but residual precpitait killed the motor stone dead grinded its guts out took off plug wipe it with my finger silver metallic dust! That restored my memory again and the China man went over his list what could of cause the death and narroed it right down to poison!
  10. Okay what do you suspect? I'm thinking I put the rings in upside down compression is in reverse there is a hollow notch in the rings that go to the kiss off button or maybe a bad float with a crack in it that is sinking bottom of bowl tried the timing maybe the woodruff key sheared off but that wasn't it either and there is no way to set the timing anyway cuz its on the shafft the groove. And I ould like to just chuck it buy another motor for $100 but this is a 4.5 HP cost $250 to step down to a 2.5 HP makes me feel ugly about it. Wish I could just say f*** it all away but need cheap transportation.
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  11. I did not replace the magnet standard magneto replacement yes magnet still orks tugs at my screwdriver.
  12. Street Ryderz

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    Did you take the magnet off when you changed the coil? and maybe put it on backwards!
  13. Nanonevol

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    Highly illogical, Jim. Beam me up and I'll take a look at it.
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  14. Is that possible Scotty? How does one tell if its backward?
  15. Street Ryderz

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    with the piston at tdc the keyway on crank and magnet should be at 1 o'clock position
  16. It does not matter because there is just a grove on the shaft where the wooruff key goes into no matter what cant adjust it takes its own place won't be able to move the piston to TDC its on the crank seen that vid on utb that was an absolete model.
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    Get rid of spock and put the ignition back on haaahaha sorry had to do it!
  18. Street Ryderz

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    if the magnet is backwards and not at one o'clock at tdc you will still get spark but at the wrong time and therefor not run!
  19. If the piston is connect to the crank shaft I can not take it off put it at TDC or move the key to 1 oclock does your's have dentures mine does not have the denture plate for 1 oclock its a factory timing.
  20. Street Ryderz

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    you rotate the crank by turning the drive gear with clutch engaged or just rotate the magnet its self while still on the crank until you reach tdc then look at the magnet its keyway should be at 1 o'clock if not its backwards!