I got external spock but no ignition.

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by inspectorcritic, Dec 1, 2016.

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    Sorry but I dont understand how you can blame the factory when it's clearly evident YOU ran the piss out of that and the ported gt80! The lean burn damage is visible along with detonation marks in both cases.why in only 7 hours of use would you run it so hard?

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    holy cow, you burned the nickel chrome plating right off the cylinder in seven hours!? did you pull your air filter off and redline it for an hour right out of the gates on 55:1 premix or something like that? also, did you plane the header for higher compression on a cinder block? because it looks like you're getting pre detonation and everything looks scratched the F up. do you have air leaks below carb that you're plugging with wet sand?
  3. A miracle happen this morning then the damn death angle came and killed my thin hopes Gasbikes honored a warrantee with a brand new ported cylinder I took it out the box to admire and smile of my new freedom then notice the flange was broken off!
    if I smile tell me some bad news before I laugh and feel like fool.

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    Dude bad luck...use gasbike at your own risk. If I swallow anything evil, put your finger down my throat.
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    Your the second poster this week with that issue!
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    They must have recently hired a bumbling drunk lol.
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    Wait a minute, what the f**k did I just read?
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    schizophrenia at its finest :p