I got hurt pretty bad.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by commanderroach1999, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. Tonight was my first ride and I was stupid enough not to be wearing a helmet and leather jacket and this happened.

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  2. jaguar

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    a bloody pillow? you gonna leave us guessing. probably blood from you but from where?
  3. zippinaround

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    Haha that's him holding up his arm grazed a little bit , funny before you said it I would never have thought it was a pillow hahaha but now it's all I can see
  4. jaguar

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    my bad. old eyes are my excuse.

    Commander, how'd you wreck?
  5. Nate888

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    ouch. how'd it happen?

    btw, they've got this saline antibacterial wound wash spray at all the drug stores now, & it's perfect for this kind of thing. good to have when you ride, along w/ duct tape & bike repair tools

    so far all the injuries I've gotten from my bike have been banging up my knuckles etc. when a tool slips, or little cuts from places I used wire or metal straps & left a sharp edge somewhere. I did fall down & bent my pedal so bad it wouldn't make it around the crank 1 time though. I pulled it back w/ brute force & it seems totally fine again *double knock on wood*

    helmet & lights helps you not get pulled over, too

    anyway, stay safe & have fun man!
  6. I was going down my steep driveway and the motor started and I went around a circle median and made a turn... I had full throttle and I made a extremely tight turn and I fell off and my bike skid down the road on its side.
  7. zippinaround

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    ah extreme turning at full throttle , great idea on first ride hahah!! at least now you know what can happen ! lesson learned
  8. Timbone

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    This but a flesh wound.

    Find some bicycle racers and ask them if they've ever crashed.
  9. Just got back on today, biggest simile on my face other when I an at the shooting range
  10. hazmat

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    WARNING DANGER sir i have your same exact bike kent thruster you have to change your tires now dont ride it unless you do a car cut me off i hit the brakes and went from a brand new tire the blue stock ones to a bold bubbled tire with one hit of the brakes i was lucky if it popped i would have been fucked not fun riding home with road rash
  11. Frankenstein

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    You crashed in your driveway or leaving it without another driver intervening? Uh... Maybe consider buying a helmet and body armor because the road is going to kill you otherwise. Like I said in another thread you are probably not ready for driving amongst other vehicles of the larger variety...
  12. Ouch! Hope you get well soon. Ive had my share of road rash, and it isn't fun. Clean the wounds and keep it moist is the best medical advice I can offer.
  13. Frankenstein

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    And get all the little stones out too! They really start to itch once the scab forms,
  14. Jonj57

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    Messed up my arms the other day when I braked too hard to avoid a car who decided to brake check me for fun while going down hill. Threw me 15 feet and my bike another 10, luckily I always wear my helmet, gloves and pants so the damage was just to my exposed forearms but pretty much wrist to elbows were raw skin with gravel for pimples haha. Surprisingly my bike only walked away with a untru rear wheel and a bad fender.

    Point is, expect the worst because you never know which of the cagers ARE actually going to get you.
  15. I encourage u to wear a leather jacket, it really helps.
  16. Jonj57

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    I've since gotten one and wear it regardless of how far I go or what temperature it is outside. Learned my lesson the first time and don't intend to repeat the same mistake.
  17. Dress for the slide not the ride!