i got my engine started but i cant go into neutral

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by j2thevvizo, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. j2thevvizo

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    i cant get my clutch to go into neutral when i pull the lever. i read some other posts of people that said just try riding it and it might loosen up and work. so i did that and i got my engine to start and cruised it for a second and it seems to run great but when i pull the clutch the engine still doesnt disengage and go into neutral. any advice.

  2. j2thevvizo

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    got it

    i read some more stuff and discovered that my clutch arm wasnt getting pulled enough to go into neutral. it tightened the cable which required three hands and now it works. my bike is sick. i shredded the dirt if front of the elementary school.
  3. zaviii

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    Your clutch

    You need to move you r little brass clutch keeper in more. It sounds like you clutch is not dis-engaging because of where you have the throw length. Move your clutch keeper in a little at a time until you can lock the clutch and roll the bike with very little or no resistance. If you unlock the clutch or engage the clutch and roll the bike it should turn the engine over, then you should be set.

    Good luck.....