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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by levsmith, May 25, 2008.

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    Well my friend drives a geo metro because he is really big on gas mileage and so i told him about what i was doing and he was kinda interested, but then he ruined the engine in his car, so he is making a motorized bike also. He bought a schwinn stingray chopper from some kid for 80 bucks, but it needed some work. there were no brakes and no kickstand. well he got a kickstand from ebay but the brakes i think are messed up, so he's gonna have a bike shop fix them. He bought the 50cc motor kit from dax but unfortunately he didn't get the rear sprocket with it and also the spark plug wire fell off of the magneto(kinda cheap i guess), so thats all that he lacks from getting it put on. We took some pictures yesterday of the progress. I'll try to get the pics from him. but overall he's off to a good start. oh and about me, im almost done but i have been making mine all from scratch. I didn't buy a kit, so its taking a while. I will probably have it done this week but i need a couple more parts. I work monday and tuesday from 6am to 6pm so all the stores are closed when i get off of work. Well i think thats about it for now, just thought i would keep everyone informed.

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    Hi Levsmith, That's neat about getting your friend excited about a mb. Soon we will take over the world :). j/k. As you know from my other posts I'm working on getting me one but it's going to take some time. I hope you and your friend get your bikes working because that's something that you can share. You can make trips together and have a great time. I wish I had someone here in my home town that was interested in it too.

    good luck on both the builds!
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    please enter your home town, who knows?
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    I live about 18 miles north of Jackson Tennessee (west Tennessee).... about an hour east of Memphis Tennessee in the small town of Alamo. If there's anyone out there close to where I live, I would love to talk. (this is just a shot in the dark.. but who knows).

    Thanks for listening everyone.

    thanks stude13
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    Crabdance let me know if you're ever in Oak Ridge. I hope to ride around the track in Bristol during "Speedway In Lights" around Christmas time. It'd be real nice if several of us could do it at the same time.