i got my sbp shiftkit

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    today i recieved my sbp shiftkit .
    i ordered a low profile filter (red)
    bpr6hix iridium plug
    the shiftkit ii hd
    2 inch front mount
    metal thottle with 35 inch cable (braided)an grips
    got a sbp exhaust
    new chain
    half and master links (just in case)
    got a nearly full bike tool kit from cellbikes.com.au (45 bux au )

    bike is a 20 1/2 inch frame esperia eagle 21 spd mountain bike .
    only thing i need to do now is firgure a way to attach tank to top tube .
    as top tube is trianglar not round .
    best way i can figure is to jb weld tank on frame its a 3 ltr tank .
    after i fit parts to bike on weekend i shall take pics of b4 an after to show u lot what i am doin .
    so dont stress .:tt1:

    last mod i shall save for is a better rear wheel usin a 8 spd shimano 11-32 an dual rims for added stength (only 100 )or 140 with a used shifter .
    ohhh motor is a hp1 rse 48 cc made to hp2 specs with billet head , inlet ,clutch arm an cover .

    on old bike with a 44 rear i used to go 65 kph im hopin on 75 kph but i only go 40 kph .