My 80cc kit is pretty much done, chain keeps derailing and im getting a real scooter. ill sell you any part, 30% less than the retail selling cost! + Shipping.
its a deal no matter what.

SO, i want to sell my whole kit , or parts, one by one, anything you want, i got it. you want it all? how about 180 for everything? + Shipping.

PLUS, i got extras. new rear view mirror,
2 brand new spark plugs, bosch, and 1 bosch platinum plug.
chain is brand new.
front sprocket is brand new
I have the good clutch lever, the one with the lock down pin to hold it in place, works very good.
extra long clutch cable, from japan.
4L metal gas tank, measuring cup with markings are free with it if you want.
also free with orders of 30+ are a rear light you attach to your cloths or packpack thats blinks.
call me at 8189819569 for details.

I take pay pal or personal checks.
myohon@ butsudan7.com

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