I got pulled over today.. and it made my day.



I was on my Raliegh M60/GEBE RS35 this morning going down a long shallow hill. These three teens pulled along side me and started hollering.. where did you get that.... I gotta get one of those. I pointed them into a parking lot and let them look it over. Let them ride it and gave them this URL. (It's on my bike). They told me I was going 35(I doubt it but it made me feel good). They want to build something like this for College next fall. They are going to College Station. They asked some very intelligent questions and appeared very serious about building some bikes. Made me feel pretty good. This summer, I think we can become pretty effective ambassadors for our economical transportation solution. I just wish I was in town more so I could ride more.


Isn't it fun Walt? NE Tarrant County seems to have a lot of nice people, young and old. Sometimes more time is spent visting with strangers than riding.


I had the opposite experience today , coincendentally w/3 teens.

Apparently I'm their hero:censored::rolleyes:

They don't realise how lucky they were.I missed my meds yesterday, & I've been kinda depressed lately anyways, so I'm not feeling very friendly by any stretch of the imajination- I went back & waited for them w/a socket wrench.I waited for them for half an hour, making plans:devilish::eek:

Luckily, for all of us, they didn't show up.:eek:

Nice to see that SOMEONE has good public experiences w/these things, I've about had it myself.


well hey ther comeing to my city cool just tell them if they need help to call me


I sent them here

Turbo, I told them to come to this site before buying anything. I have no idea who they were.. Flower Mound residents I think... nice kids. Maybe they will find you here.


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6:53 PM
Jan 20, 2008
Sydney, Australia
I had the same effect with four 6-10 year olds.
Was riding through a park and they were in front of their house.
They yelled out to me so I stopped.

They were then all going, check out the CDI !!
what size Mag does it had ?
Is it clutch start ?
Is it legal ?

These little dudes came up to my waist, were all tan and shirtless,
and full of energy. There was a 120cc trail bike sitting in front
of their house. They had no fear of me (6'1"), and were all sharing
the experience, without even riding.

I told em to check out this site and zbox.
I rode away their hero.


I've been stopped several times by the police. Every time it was to ask me where they could get one.

Last year I was clocked at 42 MPH in a 45 MPH zone. Luckily it was down a hill and the cop was laughing when he told me via loudspeaker my speed. He was on a motorcycle.

He came up behind me with his lights on, I recognized him as a guy I went to school with.

He had gained weight and wanted to know where he could get a motorized recumbent for himself. I built one for him and he has lost over 40 LBS. since riding his motorized bike. He is on it more than driving his car.

I've been photographed by people riding along in cars. I've been stopped by people to find out more. I've been on local TV riding my motorized recumbent and I've printed up flyers to answer most asked questions.

WE are on the cutting edge with our magnificent machines. Saving gas money and having fun while staying in shape.


Last night, just be fore dusk, I was cruising around the neighborhood testing out the speedo and some other modifications, and I got flagged down by a group of younsters- ages about 11 through 14- according to them, I was the coolest thing that they had ever seen.

One said: "I have got to ride that"- which I politely declined, then I was peppered with all kinds of questions about how I built it. One even recognized my Indian inspired front leaf spring. One just kept saying: "that thing is tight." One neat thing is that I could sit there and carry on a conversation in a normal talking voice with the engine idling- the beauty of the Honda.

That was fun!