I got some free new upgrades!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by rkbonds, Nov 10, 2008.

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    First I got a newer bike than the one I had (from community ministry leader), second I got a new trailer for the kids that is also a jogger stroller (from neighbor), third I got an electric scooter which is almost completely intact, batteries are good and motor works needs new throttle (also from another neighbor). Also threw in a pic of the helmets so everyone can see that I did get some new ones. Unfortunatley all my other projects got put on hold while switching everything over to the new stuff. I still need to reattach my motor.:cool::grin:

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    You've got a nice set up there.

    When my two older daughters were small I had to figure out a way to carry them both on a bike. One baby carrier over the rear wheel was a simple matter. After a while I managed to mount one over the front wheel.

    You just wouldn't believe the great PR that was for me in my community. I'm a decent guy, but they all thought I was a saint. That's getting to be nearly 20 years ago now, and some people have come and gone, but people still say, "I remember how you used to ride those girls around".

    Good times. You'll enjoy it.
  3. Remove electric driveline,make a friction drive to front wheel.
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    The trailer is actually an upgrade from the one I custom built, this one is much lighter but, it's a good bit wider which I'm not real fond of.

    Large, we are having similiar ideas I was thinking about trying to use the chain drive that was on the electric bike. I discovered today that the controler was/is completely fried I'm thinking about trying to find a variable speed controler with a dial and just use that and run as minimial wiring as possible.
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    Ok I've discovered that the control box on the electric scooter was fried (literally it's been wet) so my question would be 1 how do I make an electric throttle, and how would I set up a charging system? All I have now are the frame, driveline, and batteries. The motor works great and it pulls at around 20 mph battery straight wired to the motor.:helpsmilie::scooter:
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    Finally motorized again. It's taken a while and I still have a bug to work out but, the motor is back on the bike. :party: I think I need to take the drive wheel to a welding shop to get some tack welds to the drive bolt. It's slipping in the clutch housing I think. :confused: