i got speed in cool.weather

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  1. Okay I fixed all air leaks exhaust is good and right now I'm using an NGK b7hs plug.
    Now when I go for a ride at night and it's nice and cool around 70 to 75 degrees and the sun is down I fly I'm getting 35-plus miles an hour The old saying in Chicago is if you don't like the weather wait a minute it'll change. That couldn't be more true I need to find what plug to run on during the hot part of the day I have my carburetor set on the top 10 to run it lean. Modified exhaust. Ripped out all the inside Rings drill the boatload of holes extended the pipe from the engine all the way out to the back with the muffler pointing out just be on the rear axle works great. I have carbon fiber air filter put on with a high-velocity intake manifold that had to be bored out just so I could fit that air filter on there. Awesome air intake. However when it's 90 plus degrees outside at High Noon and the heat index is over a hundred degrees with 90% humidity I need a different spark plug recommendations please. Thank you in advance. W.C.B.

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    A b8hs is the coldest I think you can go on these engines
    It's a little harder to start in cold weather but I think we all can agree that we need some exercise;)
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    a b7hs works fine for me in worse conditions. look to your cylinder head and your jetting.
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    90F+ hot?
    That is the morning LOW temp here in Phoenix this time of year, 91F the last few mornings, and it just goes up to triple digits all day from there.
    I think however it's the humidity in the air that makes the difference in you incoming air.
    It's denser and the water content in it can't help.

    All I run here in the dry heat are Iridium plugs.
    NGK 5944 (BPR7HIX) for 2-stroke.
    NGK 7544 (CR7HIX) for 4-stroke.
    If a build has a problem, the plug is the last place I have to look.
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  5. DWell Thanks first hand. Next I'm still a bit of a newbie.
    AND I KNOW HOW HELLACIOUSLY HOT IT IS IN AZ! I lived near the corner of Mesa & Brown. "Rt @ the corner in those apartments. They were sweet back in the 80's Dunno what there like now
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  7. Anyhow the plugs were the last thing I checked so I bought a boat Load of spark plugs because they are cheap. I used E3.22. Much improvement from stock plug. Then I went to the NGK plugsB6,7,8HS AMD VOILA
    I know you had mentioned that the spark plug is the last thing you would check if youw had a problem. However I don't really have a problem I just need to find a spark plug that works best in the high humidity high heat. So far the truck that works fast is the E3.22
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    it's more a matter of jetting than plug rating. (#7 is fine)
    humidity means more dense air which means more oxygen which means leaner.
    so if it runs weaker in high humidity you need richer jetting.
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    I am familiar with Mr. Brown Recluse, I call him Mr. because you better show him respect if you see him.
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  11. Okay great, however do you know of a good iridium plugs for humid hot weather? Without having to rejet and all that other stuff.
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    Monsoon arrives tomorrow, that plug has always worked for me and I have never had to re-jet to compensate.