I got the New Bike Bug - Schwinn Swindler 275

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  1. Leroybrown420

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    Been fighting the cravings and finally relapsed. I built a new 80cc bike just for fun. I'm on the fist tank of gas and was clocked on Photo radar going 32 MPH. Not to shabby for less than 10 miles and break in fuel.

    Schwinn Swindler 27.5"
    PART_1432516503554_0524151748.jpg PART_1432516550780_0524151747.jpg

  2. Leroybrown420

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  3. Leroybrown420

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    I found photos that I forgot about.
    IMG_1685.jpg IMG_1686.jpg IMG_1687.jpg IMG_1688.jpg IMG_1689.jpg IMG_1690.jpg IMG_1691.jpg IMG_1692.jpg
  4. Yankee John

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    Yay!! Another Swindler! Here are a few pics of mine :D

    I finished adding the controls and such the other day- Will be starting it tomorrow for the 1st time.

    John b1.jpg b7.jpg b6.jpg b2.jpg b5.jpg mine3.jpg b1.jpg b7.jpg b6.jpg b2.jpg b5.jpg mine3.jpg
  5. Auron

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    nice builds guys, so the slanting spark plug is a must for this type of frame?
  6. Leroybrown420

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    Thank you. Yes, an angle fire head works best. If your lucky enough to come across a wide mount engine you can use a straight fire head. The wide mount engine will also let us you use a stock intake manifold or RSE Reed valve intake because it will sit lower on the frame. The wide mount engines usually have larger larger 8mm mounting studs too. Hard to find tho.
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  7. bike marlow

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    schwinn swindler

    I'm getting parts together to build my own. i see from this thread a angled head is necessary. anything else? Free wheel sprocket?

  8. Leroybrown420

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    An offset intake manifold will make your install easier.
  9. Brandon504

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    I'm having issues mounting my engine to this frame
  10. Leroybrown420

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    It's just nuts and bolts. A 4 stroke will not fit tho. What engine do you have?
  11. Brandon504

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    It's the 66cc flying horse angle fire. My spark plug faces the opposite way of yours and the carb wouldn't clear the frame.
  12. mikemarley

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    quite a clean build youve got there, it reminds me of a 1915 harley stripped down alot.
    it isnt mine but i decided to drop a few pics of my friends swindler build

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  13. Leroybrown420

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    Pull the cylinder head top cap off and spin it 180 degrees. It should fit then. If you had the wide mount engine kit like Brandon504, it would fit better and you wont need an offset intake manifold. I went with the extender intake from BGF. The 27.5" wheels make the top speed faster too. Your gonna love it.
  14. timotheo

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    I just bought the swindler.As you guys, I knew it would make a great motorized bike. After reading your posts, I realized that I can't put just any motor in, and I will need to make a few modifications. This is my first "bikebuild" and I would appreciate any information concerning what parts you used to make it work, and where you got them. I was really excited that you saw the potential of this bike also. Just bought it at Wally world, came home and typed name in computer, and bang!!!! Here I am. I thank you in advance for any help and will keep you posted.
  15. mikemarley

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    well i just shoved the engine in there itll fit, were running huge high compression heads and straight fire heads and they fit, though like leroy said we have widemount gt5s
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  16. Leroybrown420

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    Awesome! Can's wait for the photos. I just picked up another Swindler for a new build
  17. KCvale

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    This looks interesting...


    Does it make it easier to mount the inner stock sprocket supports?

    Nice work on the rag joints by the way, that's how they should be done and a great pic of the 'sandwich'.
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  18. Leroybrown420

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    It's about the same amount of work. I wont buy one again. If anyone is interested the below like is where I found it.
  19. Auron

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    thanks for all the useful tips just finished building my own schwinn SANY0339.jpg
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  20. Leroybrown420

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    Sweet bike Auron