I got the new electric bike . I think it so fun : )


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Nov 3, 2016
This is my honest review.

Build quality- A
The bike is put together very well, nothing was rattling and nothing was missing. It arrived nicely packaged and easy to set up, just install the wheels with the quick release and screw in the handlebar, and you are good to go.

Parts - B
Obviously for the price you are buying this bike you are not going to get the best parts on your bike, the shocks/ brakes/ seat/ steering/grips. etc... Are all of OK qualities they are generic but get the job done. I wouldn’t go doing 100ft jumps but to cruise around or do some light trails they are great. . IMO this is a great starting point if you want to have a great electric bike. With a little money invested into this bike you will absolutely love it. As this bike doesn’t need much. Maybe upgrade the rear shock and front forks , and pick a seat that is good for you and this bike is excellent

Bike- A-
The bike is so much fun. my friend got me into mountain/trail riding after I took his Cannondale out a couple of times . I loved it but was dead going up hills or when we needed to head back I had to use every last bit of endurance to make it back. With this bike I still get a hell of a work out. I went out for 2 hours with my friend and my fitbit showed I had burned an average of 1500 calories, while having a blast in the woods. The bike is a little heavy but it’s an electric bike and being only 50lbs its really not that bad for an e-bike.

Motor- A
The motor is very powerful; at 48v and 500w this thing will pull you. The bike has 6 PAS(paddle assist) modes, and throttle. I personally only keep it at around lvl 2-3 as that gives it just the right amount of help with out making it feel to easy or fully motorized. The motor is extremely quite and smooth. The throttle works very well , however because of safety it only works after you get the motor started with a few pedals.

Battery- B
The battery is ok, its not big or too heavy. It has 8.4 ah. I can say that I have gone out for about 3 hours in the woods trails and being at assist 2-3 I have yet to run out of battery. By the time I am done riding my 3 hours of non-stop fun I have about 1 bar left. I do wish the addmotor would make this bike with an 11ahbattery. But that not up to me. So far I have not been stranded with out power, and if I feel I need a bigger battery, addmotor said they have an 11ah that would fit the HitHot h1.

AddMotor- A+
This company has excellent customer service. They reply to your emails or Facebook posts every day. I have communicated with them many times and they have answered each question I had. They are very active on Facebook and always coming up with new bikes and ideas. They are excellent. A+ to the company, hope they keep it up.

This bike was hard for me to buy as this bike did not have many reviews or information about it. But I took a chance since this was the only ebike with good specs that I found for a very reasonable price and I am very glad I did. If you are looking for a great bike that will have you rushing home just to take it out than this will be a great bike for you. I would definitely buy from them again.

If you have any questions feel free to comment.


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Good buy for a Bafang motor and Samsung cells. I wish they offered the kit without the bike.