I guess I'm not meant to ride!

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  1. coolshoeshine

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    Well I'm to limit of dealing with all these breaks and problems with this engine kit! This forum is great for trouble shooting but I am just gonna have to go back to breaking the law and get a motorcycle or car and drive it with around with a suspended license! I know I know you don't need a license with these bikes well I seem to run into a new problem with it every two days and it takes a week to get what I need to fix it either due to delivery time or cost mainly both! If I had another form of transportation to rely on I would suck it up but I've gone through three chain tensors because the pulley bolt that comes with it keeps snapping! I've tried to use different bolts for the pulley to run on but either i run the risk of bolt grenading the spokes or pushing the pulley on fastener bolts on the mount! I mean the times I was riding was awesome but I just don't have enough time to constantly repair it! Hahaha funny thing though I've read so much about people having problems with getting flats within a day's time I didn't get one yet! But I will sooner or later on it! I will come back later to try and get it going again but for now this lil beast is gonna have wait! I'm gonna have to suck it up and spend money on a more trust worthy means of transportation! Life sucks!!

  2. bamabikeguy

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    Get a GEBE and a 12 gauge wheel....you'll be in business in less than an afternoon install.
  3. seanhan

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    Get a GEBE and start riding !!!!!!
    or get a Staton Fricton Drive ...
    both kits are a simple install maybe 1-2 hours max...
  4. coolshoeshine

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    how much those cost?
  5. biken stins

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    A screw through the tensioner into the frame would cost less. So would a clam shell hub.
    But have to agree a friction may be the way to go for long time use and little work.
    Good luck.
  6. bamabikeguy

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    There are two parts, the engine and the mounting kits.

    Supply/demand on the smallest Japanese engines is going to keep that part between $250 and 300. Break them in correctly, and they get stronger as they get thousands of miles on them.

    As to the kits, Denis just completed an expensive improvement to the clutch system. "Air cooled slots" to prevent overheating, and I could tell an immediate difference in the latest engine I put through it's break-in, versus the one I took to North Carolina in April.

    More pep.

    The complete kit prices, Staton and GEBE are $550-650 including shipping, with so many patented items in each, both use the more expensive US labor to produce the pieces.

    But they are Energizer MBunnies in the long haul.
  7. machiasmort

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    Quit being so negative, keep your chin up and post some darn pics. Your Brothers here will help you. I know your situation and have been there. BikenStins gave you and excellent suggestion, listed above. Take some pics and we'll help straighten it out.

    If it wasn't for this board my bike wouldn't be running. Got my kit from BGF and had to rebuild the entire motor for it to go... I kept at it and now have over 800 miles on it because of my Brother's here!
  8. Mountainman

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    will that thing make it to -- 3 to 5 thousand miles ??

    that's just not what most are looking forward to
    rebuilding the entire motor when it's basically new
    and 800 miles is ok for starters
    see if that thing will make it to 3 to 5 thousand miles with nothing more going wrong
    then we got something going
  9. machiasmort

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    Got my monnies worth already Brother! It was thanks to guy's like you that kept my threads going and were willing to help! What are you still doin up at this hr anyway??? The birds are singin already here!!!LOL Gonna be a nice day on the East Coast!
  10. Mountainman

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    have a good day machiasmort -- from - MM

    got your monnies worth already
    yes I must admit
    I think each ride on a MB is worth at least 10 bucks
    doesn't take long to get ones money spent back

    we go to bed real early up top the mountain -- 8:00 am
    problem comes in
    waking up so darn early -- 3:00 to 4:00 am at most times

    it's been a while
    but I sure do enjoy an early MB ride out in the dark of morning
    time to thank the big one up above -- many nice things received

    have a good day back there on the East coast -- from - MM