Clutch i HATE changing out the happy-time clutch cable!



for some repairs or upgrades, it's easier to take the engine off the frame, or it would be, or it could be, or it should be...

you see, you just got to the part about completely removing the clutch cable...don't ya wish you could just let the whole assembly dangle on the cable?

well, a coupla minutes of pre-install work & you can...hacksaw, small more trying to get a badly frayed cable back thru the fittings, no more cussing at the lil brass lock & no more trying to find it when it shoots across the driveway. from now on, all my happy-time's will get this mod before install:


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I don't get how this works (please post install photos), but the little brass fitting /is/ a problem :)
here's a pic of a mock-up to show how easy it makes things, remember this can only be done by taking the cable completely off one last time. do it to all new happy-times before install, you'll be glad you did:


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The second picture is a huge help. I was beyond confused up til then. Thanks for the post it is a fantastic idea! :)
this is the first time i've swapped out engines since "inventing" works great!


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even without the frayed cable having to rethread the thing is a pain in the butt!
Another little bonus I discovered after losing the brass screw, is to use a electrical wire lug. The same as you would see in a breaker panel where you hook up the wires only you can buy them seperately at the electronics shop or harware store.
A lot easier to work with then that little dinky brass screw. They also dont strip out.