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  1. wally

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    So, motoredbikes.com, google says is an attack site!
    How do I get rid of it?

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    I was getting that to, but from Firefox. I think its your browser, not Google. Not sure.
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    google or M.B.c.?

    Get rid of what Wally, google or M.B.c.? Because "Webmasters" says so? Who the heck is webmasters anyway? M.B.c. has been around a long time. If there was something wrong with it most of us would know by now.
    And google is alright most of the time also. The thing is, ANYONE can get on the google page and say anything they want, it don't make it true.
    SO, It's not google OR M.B.c. you should be looking at, It's Webmasters.
    EVERY site you go to wants to give you cookies. Just set your computer to block them. You want some of them though to make sign in easier. If you do online banking your bank gave you a lot cookies. Not all cookies are bad.
    So stick around and enjoy the site. I know I've learned a lot in my time here.
    Big Red.
    P.S. Sorry, It is a google warning. Looks like a third party is tryind to scr*w things up for M.B.c. with malicious software. I use Norton through comcast. Good stuff, No problems
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    I tried different browsers, and chrome has it, but not IE. You are probably right, it is google. Google chrome is owned by them, obviously, and they have a search partnership with firefox.

    If it was cookies, it would affect all browsers. Someone probably falsely reported them. Idk.
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    Yes... I get this quite often. Only here at MB.c

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    Per Tom, his web hosting company got hacked, and as a result, a bunch of sites were getting forwarded to a malicious site.

    The vulnerability was fixed, apparently shortly after it was reported, but by then, the malicious software detector in the googlebot crawlers was logging all the sites that were being hosted by those hacked servers as 'malicious' - us included.
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