I have had it with crappy times...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Simonator, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    I am sick of tinkering with it every single day. There is ALWAYS something going wrong! I feel like I am working on it more than I am riding it! It's a beautiful sunny day today. Guess what... I am not riding it... I am working on it!!! AGAIN!!!

    Here is what happened today. I pulled out into busy traffic, so I had to really get on the gas. Well I wasn't moving very fast and the engine was screaming. So..... that must mean one thing... The clutch is slipping! So I go home, remove the cover, and everything is soaked with oil! I haven't completely disassembled one of these motors yet, so I am not sure what the problem is. There must be a bad seal somewhere, which is causing the oil/gas mixture to leak into clutch housing. What else could it be?

    I am losing alot of motivation to keep working on these things.... I am going to try to save up for a better engine kit. Any recommendations? I was checking out GEBE today. I don't know if those engines are big enough for me. I weigh 270 lbs.

    Well back to work on the crappy time.....

  2. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Hondas and those Subaru motors are bullit proof. Theres a Mitsubishi motor too thats a great motor. Most high end lawn equipment manufacturers use japanese motors for a reason.
  3. crabdance

    crabdance Member

    Sorry you are having problems Simon. Hope you get everything straightened out soon.
  4. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    I forgot to say that I only have 200 miles on this engine!!!!
  5. KiDD

    KiDD Member

    I hear you! Today I have the whole day off and nothing to do and it is a beautiful summer day, but I'm stuck at home working on it instead of riding it.
  6. Simonator

    Simonator Guest


    Maybe the clutch doesn't have oil on it.I put it back together, and tightened up the nut real good and now its not slipping. It still can't be normal that all that oil got in there.... Any ideas???
  7. motoschwinn

    motoschwinn Guest


    Josh, did you do the break in on this bike, nice and easy for the first tank? There are lot's of adjustments and checking bolts and screws for the first few hundred miles... Just stick with it. My old Schwinn Suburban is running great. I have a OLD Kings 80cc, I've jet to tighten a screw in 2 years.

    For the last 2500 miles on it, it's been as reliable as a Honda! Feel free to PM me if you need help. I'm taking the motor off the old schwinn and putting on a newer one... TELL me these motors won't last!


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  8. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    I know it is frustrating to many. Remember the saying that, " you get what you pay for."
  9. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    no, it's not normal to have oil inside the clutch cover. There is a seal, behind the small gear...the one attached to your crankshaft.
    I do NOT know if this is a happytime replacement part...from anybody. (But, I believe there is a number on the seal, which means you could probably find a replacement at a machinery supply co.....or we have "Bate's bearings"....might be worth a google!)

    IMHO... everybody doesn't have to love happy/crappytimes.

    I do!:D ( I like 'em all!!)
    but I also enjoy the "tinkering" time.
  10. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    After thinking about it, I also came to the conclusion that it has to be the seal on the crank. There is no other place oil could be coming from. I'll have to try to find a replacement.

    The good news is that the clutch is not slipping anymore. Earlier today I thought that the clutch disc got a bunch of oil on it it, so i started to panic. I went on a 60 mile cruise just now with no problems. I guess I'll have to keep pulling the cover often and cleaning out the oil until I get a new seal.

    I really shouldn't be dissing the happy time motors too much. My last motor held up for a while. I probably put a few thousand miles on it. The are actually decent motors for the price. I am frustrated at the whole bike, not just the motor. I been having alot of problems with my bike lately. Such as wheels bending all the time, cables breaking, you name it. A few months ago the pedal broke right off the crank. So when I saw all the oil in the clutch cover, I took it out on the motor by making this thread. Usually I am tinkering with something on the bike, not the motor itself.

    Sorry, Happy Time, for calling you crappy time. You made me happy this evening on my 60 mile cruise :)
  11. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Usually where the clutch is theres a cover plate on that side of the motor and that gasket could be leaking. Just power wash it clean then eyeball it carefully over a day or so youll see where its coming from. Youll need to run it though.
  12. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member


    Do NOT power wash your happytime!!
    unless you just want to buy a new magnito!!
  13. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    I sealed my magneto with RTV sealant. I don't think any water is going to get in there.
  14. augidog

    augidog New Member

    dream on...we've tried it all, and we've all replaced happy-time electrics. it may not get wet, but if it gets any moisture, odds are you'll be clicking "buy it now" for another magneto.

    the golden eagle system will handle your weight, providing yer not looking for a vehicle that'll pull from a dead-stop. many engine & gearing options.
  15. ironwarlock

    ironwarlock Guest

    Would it not be better to get a Golden Eagle or Staton with a Honda, Robin or Mitsubishi and be done with it? Ride it anytime anywhere and you know you will get there and back. If you wanna do something custom. Just get a Staton gearbox and go from there.
  16. jared3377

    jared3377 Member

    Ahhhh, yes... I foolishly know this all too well!!! I still like to take my MB to the carwash, but I steer VERY clear of the HT and would rather use the good ol' rag method to clean that! :grin:
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  17. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    Well it finally happened..... Some oil must have made its way to the clutch. The clutch is slipping so bad that i can't start it. The nut is on tight as I can get it, so I know that is not the problem. The good news is that I have a spare clutch. The bad news is that I have no idea where I can get a replacement crank seal (assuming that's the problem)
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  18. Accender

    Accender Member

    Happy Times!

  19. Simonator

    Simonator Guest


    I managed to get the bike started after it sat overnight. I rode up to the store (clutch slipping like crazy). I bought a can of brake cleaner, and a 12 pack of beer :D I removed the clutch cover, and sprayed everything. I pulled the clutch lever in, and sprayed it in the crack between the clutch plates. I watched all the crapp flush out. I let it sit about a half out. I just got back from a ride. IT was slipping a little at first, but after the engine warmed up and dried up all the brake cleaner, It is now working perfect! I been riding it around with no clutch cover (being extra careful not to bump my leg up against the fast spinning sprockets!) and looking for leaks. Don't see anything yet. Hopefully I will figure out which seal is bad real soon!
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  20. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    good for you.

    there are only seals on the crankshaft bearings.....not behind the clutch or sprocket.

    my seal has 14.8 X 27 X 7.5 on it.

    check your seal numbers to be sure.

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